Get A Better ROI From Your Marketing Budget With Google Adwords – Infographic

At SMBclix we love Google Adwords and SEO. We hate bad marketing! In our opinion bad marketing is any marketing campaign that doesn’t produce a positive return on investment. Some of the more traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper advertising, command really high fee’s and in our opinion don’t produce great results any more – unless you have a moster budget and don’t need to actively measure the ROI from your marketing campaign.

Because we love Google Adwords so much and hate bad marketing even more, we decided to create a Google Adwords Infographic to compare pay per click advertising with some other advertising platforms, to illustrate just how much more value you can get from a Google Adwords campaign versus some other advertising options. Whether you are looking to increase ROI on your marketing budget, or just simply measure the results of your marketing campaigns better, Google Adwords is the answer!

google adwords infographic


Four Ways You Can Use The Google Keyword Tool For Market Research

Thorough market research is very vital when thinking of establishing any successful business, either online or offline. The Google keyword tool can be a blessing to people who are looking forward to venturing into the online landscape. Other than the fact that it’s free, it also offers superior market research functionalities that even some of the paid keyword research tools don’t have. Here is a look at some of the things you can do with the Keyword Tool when conducting your market research for maximum profitability-:

Know if there is demand in your niche

A business can only be profitable if its products or services are in demand. Google keyword tool enables you to determine if there is any demand in your industry and whether the demand is high or low for the particular goods or services.

For instance if you were thinking of starting a construction company in Toronto, you could use the keyword tool to search for relevant keywords like “construction company Toronto” or “construction contractors Toronto”and gauge interest in the potential business by the number of people that search for these and similar terms in Toronto each month.

Know the location of the demand

Knowing where your goods and services are required is paramount once you set up your business, and you want to start advertising it. With Google keyword tool, you can locate the specific geo-locations where the most people are searching for your goods or services.

With this information, you will find it easy to tailor your content and advertising campaigns to target these regions for higher returns on your advertising budget.

Spy on your competition

Information about your competitors is also crucial when conducting your market research. You need to know the kind of competition you are running into and if you are in a position to dislodge them or compete effectively with them. The Google keyword tool provides you with an ingenious way to discover various keywords being used by your competitors.

To try this simply paste your competitor’s website address in the “your landing page” section and the keyword tool will crawl the website and list keywords associated with that particular site. This information is invaluable when strategizing on how to craft winning marketing campaigns that will enable you to dominate your industry.

Help you choose the right domain

The domain name for your online business is important for various reasons. In addition to branding purposes, the domain name is instrumental in search engine optimization – a free source of targeted organic traffic. Depending on the keywords you unearth from Google keyword tool, you can choose a domain name that will help you brand effectively while at the same time enhancing your organic search results.

There are several other things you can do with the Google keyword tool, but as far as market research is concerned, the points mentioned above will help you gauge if there is a market in a specific city or country area for your product or service. You will also find it to be immensely useful when setting up your Google Adwords campaigns and in tweaking them to get better results and increase your ROIs.

Three Google Adwords Features You Need To Use In Your Campaign

Google Adwords is an incredible tool when it comes to advertising online. With all the features and the settings it has, it may not be possible to master the functionality of each feature and know when and how to use them. However, Google Adwords has certain features, which are incredibly useful but are often ignored by many users. Here are 3 of the features that you probably didn’t know were available in Google Adwords that can help you build more successful campaigns:

Use Ad Extensions to increase click through rate

Any additional information such as product information, phone number or page links on your ad has the potential to help you get more clicks when the ad is displayed. Other than increasing the average CTR by close to 30%, an ad with an ad extension can buy you valuable real estate when it’s shown in the top searches. Sitelink extensions can help you direct the user in a specific direction, call out extensions can help increase click through rate, call extensions allow the user to call you directly without ever visiting the website. This great adwords cheat sheet from Wordstream will help you learn more about ad extensions.

You can save money with the search term reports

The search term report is an awesome feature that shows you the particular search terms that triggered your ads and how the ads performed. Most people are fond of focusing on the keyword list alone, yet through the search term report, they can discover particular phrases that are driving ton’s of traffic and which qualify to be included as one of the keywords in the relevant ad group.

You can also use the search terms report to find keywords that trigger your ad but are bad for your campaign. In such a case, it should be added to the negative keyword list. An example would be if you were a barber in London looking to get more customers into your store and advertised for the keyword “London barber”, if you found that someone clicked on your ad and got to your site after searching for “London barber jobs” or “London barber courses” (which are no use to you because you aren’t hiring or teaching) you could add those “bad” keywords as negatives so that they don’t trigger your ad any more. Less money wasted on bad keywords means more money spent on good keywords.

Set Adwords to serve your ads during certain times

Unless you have a global audience, you don’t want your ads to be served all the time. Many people aren’t aware that you can set your ads to be served during specific times of the day. Though your ads are served when relevant searches come through, it doesn’t imply that showing your ads all the time is a good optimization for your campaigns or ads budget.

Through the dimensions tab, you can tell the exact times when the ads were served as well as the particular times when you have the highest and lowest impressions, clicks or conversions. You will then get an insight into when your ads are most successful so that you black out the timeframes that are not pulling in good results by setting up ad scheduling.

In addition to maximising on the best time frames, you can also adjust your bids for maximum results during the different times of the day. For instance, you can adjust the bids upwards during the competitive times for maximum exposure and reduce them when the traffic slows down.

It is surprising to note that these simple but effective tips are usually ignored by many people using Google Adwords. Incorporate them into your campaigns and see a change in the results you get. For more idea’s be sure to Email us on or by taking advantage of our free digital marketing review