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Hiring a social media agency that can help grow your business in the current information age we live in, is essential. However you could try to manage, market and advertise your own social media campaigns yourself, across multiple platforms, but this will be very difficult and may lead to poor results.

The power of social media will not be lessening in the nearby future, on the contrary, as it will get more and more popular. With Facebook currently having 1.55 billion monthly active users and Twitter producing 500 million tweets per day, there are plenty of potential customers available.

Social media advertising works a little differently to traditional advertising. Rather than targeting users based on what they search for, it finds them before they even search. Social networks hold a large amount of information about their various users and it is this information, specifically their likes, interests and habit, that can be used to target the correct audience – if you know how, of course. That’s where a social media agency like us comes in.

Each of the social media networks has its own strengths and weaknesses and they all attract a different type of person. It is important that these differences are acknowledged and used to their advantages, in order for the content to be not only as engaging and effective as possible, but targeted to the correct and relevant audience.

It is all well and good creating amazing promotional material but if it is used in the wrong context it is almost useless – if your audience isn’t using Instagram, perfectly choreographed photos of your product are not going to get it seen.

Similarly, if your target audience isn’t using Twitter, you can tweet ‘till you turn blue in the face, but it won’t have the desired effect. At SMBclix, we are a social media advertising agency and have a wealth of experience in social media advertising that we can use to target your customer base.

With our experience in the field we are able to help you establish not only where you should advertise, but how often, when and with what! With the help of our leading social media agency, we can help you maximise the return on your advertising investment and help you to grow your business.

With yet another boom expected in social media usage, it’s very clear that social media advertising is a hugely important aspect of your overall marketing efforts and one that should be the very cornerstone of your marketing strategy, no matter what business you’re in. Remember, social media advertising can help you get more customers!

What’s also clear is that you need a quality social media agency working on your side and with SMBclix, that is exactly what you’ll get.

SMBclix’s expert and experienced team understands what it is you need to achieve and most importantly, how to do it. We are so confident in our expertise that we guarantee you will not find another social media agency like us.

What Our Clients Say

Anthony O’ Donovan

Our PPC campaign was plodding along before SMBclix took over it. Since they have started managing our campaign they have managed to increase our online leads by over 600% by optimizing the campaign, creating new landing pages and setting up a re-marketing campaign. They are worth every penny.

Anthony O’ Donovan

Ian Hendrick

Since I started my adwords campaign the number of enquiries I receive has really increased, on top of that my bookings have increased, this year I had the same number of bookings by March as I had by August the previous year

Ian Hendrick
The Ian Hendrick Band

Charlotte O’ Mahony

My PPC campaign ensures that I am on Google’s first page when someone searches for a make up artist, this has really helped me grow my business as it brought in a lot of enquiries.

Charlotte O' Mahony
Charlotte O' Mahony, Make Up Artist



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