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When trying to find an SEO agency to partner with, it helps to understand what SEO actually is, this article from search engine land gives great insight into the definition of SEO and the types of strategies that an SEO agency will undertake to achieve a better ranking for your website. 2 questions you should ask your SEO agency are “what methods do you typically use to achieve a better ranking” and “are your methods considered black hat or white hat?” If they are cagey and hesitant to explain their methods, promise to rank your website really quickly or use words like traffic exchange then their methods are most likely black hat and you should steer clear of them because while they will be able to achieve a good ranking initially, their methods will eventually get your website penalized and could even result in your site being removed from Googles index. If your prospective agency tells you that their methods involve optimizing your on page content, creating great content that entices users to share, building your sites reputation by getting high quality links from relevant sources, use SEO tools like MOZ among other tools, then you have found a white hat agency, one that will really benefit your business and you should hire them. Our own SEO methods are completely white hat and we really excel in Local SEO, getting our clients ranked on page one of google in their local area. If you would like to learn about or SEO methods or talk about putting together an SEO strategy for your website then get in touch with us today for a free review.

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Steve Deane

I've worked with Mícheál on several projects and he is great to work with. Understands what it takes to rank and generate leads that turn into customers.

Steve Deane

Tim O’ Sullivan

My website ranked on the first page of for chosen keywords like “Medals Cork” within a few months, couldn’t be happier with the results.

Tim O' Sullivan
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