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You may have already determined that the key to attracting and retaining new and existing customers alike is with content marketing. Or has someone recently mentioned it to you and you haven’t the slightest clue what it is? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then we can help as either way, you need an experienced and qualified content marketing agency such as ourselves to assist you to do it properly.

Content marketing is a form of marketing that aims to attract and retain an audience by creating relevant content that is not only valuable, but is consistently valuable. With content marketing, you are not necessarily selling your product or service, rather, you are giving information that will educate your audience. It is the idea that by consistently providing customers and prospective clients with this valuable information that they will become loyal customers in the future.

The key to content marketing is that the information it provides is relevant and valuable and this is what sets it apart from more traditional forms of marketing. It encourages its audience to pay attention and take all the information in so that their longer-term decisions are positively effected, in a way that traditional marketing does not achieve.

Being a content marketing agency, we understand all of this and work towards both building and maintaining a content marketing strategy for your business. One that is continually evolving, so that it always matches up to your clients and customers needs.

Very few marketers would rate the effectiveness of their organisation’s content marketing strategy as ‘very effective’, and some do not even know what it is. If your business is already using content marketing but are finding that it isn’t doing for you what you expected, it’s clear that you’re not alone, and it is probably true that your strategy has not been implemented well. We can look at your current strategy and find ways to improve it so that it produces the results you desire.

Alternatively, if you’re just starting out and haven’t incorporated it yet, it is important that you remember that content marketing, if not done properly, is unlikely to produce satisfactory results. We, a professional content marketing agency, we can create a plan from the ground up that considers all of the necessary elements. This will include:

  • Being well integrated into social media so that it is easily shared by your audience. This is essential for a long term content marketing plan.
  • SEO will be tailored in so that your website gets the right kind of exposure.
  • White papers, blogs and webinars will be created around topics that are relevant to your business.

There are many easy mistakes to be made and an established content marketing agency such as ours will help you to avoid these pit falls, and ensure a good return on your investment. With our help you can expect a professional outfit from the beginning that can create a strategy that suits your individual business needs.

What Our Clients Say

Anthony O’ Donovan

Our PPC campaign was plodding along before SMBclix took over it. Since they have started managing our campaign they have managed to increase our online leads by over 600% by optimizing the campaign, creating new landing pages and setting up a re-marketing campaign. They are worth every penny.

Anthony O’ Donovan

Ian Hendrick

Since I started my adwords campaign the number of enquiries I receive has really increased, on top of that my bookings have increased, this year I had the same number of bookings by March as I had by August the previous year

Ian Hendrick
The Ian Hendrick Band

Charlotte O’ Mahony

My PPC campaign ensures that I am on Google’s first page when someone searches for a make up artist, this has really helped me grow my business as it brought in a lot of enquiries.

Charlotte O' Mahony
Charlotte O' Mahony, Make Up Artist



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