Know About the Basics of Website Designing and its Need

A website is designed by collecting unique ideas, implementing those ideas, and applying the design principles. It is similar to the traditional print design in many ways. The basics are the same. All you need to do is understand the difference in space and layout, how to handle elements like colours and fonts and upload content that put all these elements together in a way that makes your website appealing while delivering their message effectively.

Great websites bring together form and function. If you understand what makes a good design, you will be able to apply the same rules to a website.

A well-designed website is perceived as more credible and is definitely easier to use and understand. Whether you have just started with website development or expanding your horizons, the basics mentioned here can help you achieve better results.

  • There are certain principles to abide by while designing a website. The rules speak about elements like layout, symmetry, and order. However, you can go ahead a step and design something unique as well as catchy. You can employ elements like tension, variety, and contrast to attract a viewer’s attention. The colour of the website should represent the personality of brand and organisation.
  • Use image and icons to communicate when possible. There are some unique icons that attract attention and people tend to respond to that. Take help of visuals to make you website unique – logos, images, and graphics enhance the design. Make sure to place them strategically and wisely.
  • Content should be relevant, crisp, and useful. Do not upload lengthy contents that readers are unlikely to read or worse, turn away from. The fonts play another crucial role in the website’s look and feel. You can mix and match the font size but remember that it is the best practice to use only three fonts at a time – a nice headline font, one for the main text body, and one for the other elements. Typography can improve your website design, even overcoming the lack of a distinct visual identity.
  • Usability, accessibility, and compatibility often determine the effectiveness of web design. You must also focus on making your site useful to as many people as possible. Finally, ensure that your design, and by extension, your website is responsive and performs well on different browsers and platforms.

Reaction To Donald Trump Victory [Infographic]

This past week, it seemed like the entire world was talking about Donald Trumps victory in the US presidential election. The result was surprising, given the many controversies that hit Mr. Trump’s campaign and with all of the polls indicating that Hilary Clinton would win the election by a clean sweep. But the American people felt differently, Mr. Trumps victory is a clear indication that the Yanks are disillusioned with politics and it would appear that Donald Trump offered the only clear alternative to both the Democrat’s and the Republican parties. People from all over the world reacted to the victory, with social media blowing up and the result of the US election was felt around the world. We decided to summarize all of the best reaction to the election in one handy dandy infographic that covers everything from the funniest reactions, to reactions from the world of sport and everything else in between. We hope you enjoy it!


When It Comes To Website Design, Cork Knows How To Do It Best

If you are thinking about launching a website and as a result are in need of good website design, Cork should be your first port of call. The city is bustling with dedicated website designers as well as firms with many years in delivering hands-on service.


When it comes to website design, Cork has many experts that will help you review the below considerations, to ensure that you have a website that has the look and feel that reflects the ethos of your business.


Set your budget


You should already have an idea of your budget when it comes to building your site, and an honest and efficient web design company can help you get the most out of your money. You will need to be realistic with what you can and cannot do given your budget, so work with a team who will be able to maximise your budget without compromising on quality.




Whether you choose to spend your time surfing the Internet looking at websites that grab your attention, or reading reviews of website design companies, it is essential that you do your homework. By looking at the end product and listening to essential feedback, you can minimise the risk involved when investing in website designs that Cork companies have to offer.


Customised design


When you are creating a business, you need to ensure that you put your own stamp on it so that it not only stands out from competitors, but also lets your audience know all about your brand ethos. A good website design team will work and collaborate with you to get as much information as possible, to fully customise your site and put across your USP. Your design team should be open with you about whether or not your ideas will work, and then suggest alternatives if what you have in mind will not be effective and/or efficient.




Above all, your website needs to be responsive and be able to handle heavy traffic, especially if you are planning on making a lot of sales. If you want responsive website design, Cork designers can make sure that your site runs smoothly on all platforms, as an increasing number of people are browsing using their mobile phones. Perhaps, an essential aspect of any website is the landing page, which should engage customers and encourage them to participate in the call to action.




Any good website design team will not simply get your website up and running and then turn their back on you. On the contrary, for a truly smooth website design, Cork developers will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions about follow-up support and website maintenance, which you will need to consider when deciding on your long-term budget.


Following the above guidelines can save you both a lot of time and money, while giving you your desired result. If you want a website that is engaging and responsive, then you must choose a team that you can rely on for great website design and Cork goes a long way in doing this.

Five Things To Consider When Hiring A Web Design Agency In Cork

Thinking of hiring a Web Design Agency in Cork?

When it comes to creating a great Web Design Cork has lots of great agencies that can help you grow your business. In order to be competitive online and attract new customers your business needs to have a professional looking website. If not, you’ll risk it becoming out-of-date and you can end up losing sales. Having a professionally built site by a web design agency in Cork means you can maximise your online presence and generate a better return on investment. Below are five things to consider.

Research the company

this picture describes researching for web design corkDo your homework. If you search ‘web design Cork’ there are plenty of agencies all competing with each other. Don’t pick the first one; take the time to research the company, their background and even the team who’ll be undertaking the work.

Each will have pros and cons so it’s important to select an agency that is able to understand your business, your customers and your long-term goals. Any experienced web design agency in Cork will have testimonials. They want to show off their work and shout about what they’ll be able to offer you, so have a good look at their past projects. Don’t be afraid to judge them on the appearance of their own website, if a web designer has a crap looking website, (you would be surprised how many of them do) then how can you expect them to create a great website for your business? Examples of web design agencies in Cork with nice looking websites include Ourselves, Doodle, and Cliq 

Custom design

How do you want your website to look? What messaging do you want to include? How will you convert your this picture describes custom web design in cork
customers when they arrive? These are some of the important questions to ask your web design agency. They will have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t and should be able to guide you in the right direction. Creating a plan and user journey will help the web design agency understand how your customers get from landing on the website through to making a conversion either by sale, phone call or filling out a contact form.



Budget and cost

Designing a new website isn’t cheap so you’ll need to know your budget. Once you’ve reached a figure it will give you web design cork budgeta good idea about the type of agency you can afford. Make sure that any proposals are within reason and that they adhere to strict timelines for the completion of work. SMBclix are able to maximise your budget with competitive pricing, meaning you’ll get a great looking, professionally created website that fits your budget. If you don’t have a budget to work with an agency, then this Vlog talks about some ways you can put together a website on a shoestring budget.


Core services

core services for web design cork Websites today need to be responsive as customers won’t just be searching on their desktop. Mobile and tablet are becoming more prominent nowadays too. If your website is responsive it’s going to help increase conversions and reduce bounce rates.

Your website has to be able to attract customers and then convert them when they arrive so having a user-friendly landing page is crucial. Here at SMBclix we have extensive conversion rate optimisation experience, and have the technical skills to create something that not only looks good across all devices but will attract more customers and drive more conversions.


Ongoing maintenance

maintenance for web design in CorkGenerally when a website is completed it’s never finished as there will be a need for ongoing maintenance. Having access to be able to make changes is important for keeping up-to-date with changes in technology.

SMBclix build great looking websites and our WordPress sites are created with you in mind. We’ll give you full control over them meaning you’ll be able to edit and make changes without having to worry about revision costs that most other web design agencies in Cork will charge.


So which web design agency in Cork should you hire?

If you’re thinking of building or re-designing your website to draw in more customers, increase conversions then hiring a web design agency in Cork will certainly have its advantages. Specifically, hiring this web design agency from Cork will be the best business decision you will make this year. So why not contact one of the team here at SMBclix!


5 Top Tips For?Mobile Friendly Website Design

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of decades, we now live in a world where mobile is king. According to Google, more than 50% of all search traffic and almost half of shopping traffic comes from mobile devices.

Google launched an algorithm last year that prioritises its results based on whether or not they have a mobile friendly website design. This means that if your website isn’t mobile ready, then it’s not pulling its weight and is something you need to address. Below are the top 5 principles for a mobile friendly site.



Say you’ve found a website that has a service you need and want to contact them directly, but you find yourself bogged down in unintuitive design and layout. What’s your next step – spend an inordinate amount of time looking, or search for a different agency? That’s right…. Many of those that connect to a website from a mobile device will be doing so to look for contact details. So, it’s best that you ease frustration and make them easy to find so that your website isn’t guilty of this faux pas.


Even though the trend of palm sized mobile phones is long gone, their screens still aren’t big enough to accommodate the same amount of information as a computer. Menus are an extremely important part of site navigation, so a menu that scrolls off the screen and is difficult to navigate is a let down. Make sure they include the important aspects in a layout that is friendly to the smaller screen.


On a computer, they’re annoying. At best, they subtract from the all important viewing of your website but at worst, they’ll lose you a customer straight away. If you’re looking for an online retail website, you don’t want to see websites relating to offers on photo printing or TV packages. Pop-ups are frustrating and can lose your business, so avoid them at all costs unless they are absolutely necessary.


As we become more and more spoilt with faster devices, we become less patient for those that don’t quite perform how we want. It’s important to bare in mind that not all users will be using Wi-Fi, and that many users will also have data allowances they don’t want to blow through looking at your website. Take these both into consideration, because whilst site design is important, a slow and data heavy website is a no no. With as many as 73% of people reporting they’re unhappy with current mobile browsing speeds, they’re unlikely to wait for your website to even load if it doesn’t happen quickly.


Mobile users aren’t interested in filling in fields of information just to make a quick purchase from their mobile, and you need to remember this when you are thinking about the type of mobile friendly website design you want. Keep the information that your website asks for down to the absolute minimum necessary in order to complete the purchase. If the form is to sign up for a newsletter, for example, don’t ask for more than a name, phone number and email address. Remember, people are generally quite reluctant to give out sensitive information such as addresses, unless it’s for a good reason. Don’t have people closing the window because you asked too many questions.


Do you want to have a mobile friendly website design for your customers to navigate around? Simply click here.

How To Build A Cheap Website On A Budget

If you are a business owner in the 21st century, your business needs a website, you simply can’t afford not to have one! But you might not be able to afford to hire a professional website designer for many reasons, you might have had a bad year, you might be running a start up on a shoe-string budget or maybe you just don’t believe in digital marketing and don’t want to “waste your money on modern marketing”, to help you create that world beating website, we have put together this short video that details 5 tips to build a cheap website for your business on a budget. In the video our principal consultant Mícheál Brennan, explains the 5 ways we’ve identified that you can build a professional looking, but cheap website for your business without spending thousands, using resources like free website builders, WordPress theme libraries, online training and more!

We can’t wait to see all the great websites you create using these tips!


Website Tips for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s competitive world, businesses are trying various marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd in a bid get more customers. Since a lot of the war goes on in the online world, where websites are the commonly used marketing tools, it pays to optimise your site using time-proven strategies that will give you results in the shortest time possible. Presented here are website tips for a successful digital marketing strategy you can implement to supercharge your website marketing efforts-:


Visually Appealing Landing Page

A visually appealing homepage

Visitors need only seven seconds to decide whether or not they will stay after landing on your home page. This is the kind of impatience displayed by the typical online user, and it is important to grab their attention within this short time frame.

The best way to capture their attention is to have a visually appealing homepage with well laid out information so that they don’t spend their precious time searching for important items on the home page. Other than captivating the visitors’ attention the very first time, this digital marketing strategy also decreases bounce rates, increases conversions and improves search engine rankings.



Responsive website

Another important digital marketing strategy worth considering by every website owner is that you have a mobile responsive website. The reason for this is because mobile traffic has increased over desktop traffic and will continue to do so. The number of people using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is more than the number of people using desktops and laptops to access the internet. By having a responsive website, therefore, you will be tapping into this enormous chunk of mobile traffic for the success of your business.



Unique and quality content

No digital marketing strategy will ever succeed without the inclusion of regular, fresh, unique and quality content. As it’s always been said, content remains to be the king. Users come to the internet to search for information, and if you can provide them with the right kind of information they need, you will become an authority figure whom they can run to each time they need relevant content. Other than meeting the user’s needs for quality information, unique content as a digital marketing strategy will also see you get better rankings in the search engines where you will have access to lots of free and targeted traffic.



Social media integration

Social media integration is another important aspect of a successful digital marketing strategy. Most consumers spend a considerable portion of their time on the social media platforms when online, and it is only prudent to reach them where they are already spending the bulk of their time online.

Besides, having an active social media presence will help you build a formidable following that will bring you fresh leads and sales at will. This is not to forget the SEO benefits that such a following will have for your business.

If you would like to learn more about how a great digital marketing strategy can help you grow your business, why not take advantage of our free digital marketing review?



Building Your First Website – A Beginners Guide To Web Design

So you’ve decided to build a website for your business. This blog will give you some guidance on the things to do to start off right. One of the questions I’m frequently asked is how much a website will cost and to be honest the answer differs greatly. It all depends on your business needs and your budget. So the real answer is your website should cost as much as you are willing to spend.

The most important thing in my opinion is that you make each page on your website a “landing page” this way as your website visitor navigates through to the site they will have a better chance of converting into a lead. What is a landing page I hear you ask? The anatomy of a landing page goes some way to explaining this and gives you a guide for creating a landing page.

fotolia_63691432 editedThe second thing when building a website for your business, is to pick the keywords that you would like to show up on google for, write your website content for these keywords and create your pages for these keywords. The keyword planner from Google is a great way to learn how many people search for the keywords you like best each month and can also give you some suggestions on alternative keywords to use. Pick the keywords ?rst, write the content second. For instance if you were a plumber in London, a good keyword would be “plumber London” so write a page that contains this keyword and it will give you a better chance of ranking than a page that doesn’t have this keyword.

Choose a website that has a CMS, I favour wordpress as it is easy to use, offers a range of themes and comes with so many plugins that just make life so much easier. Using a CMS will help you save money in the long run as it will mean that you don’t have to go back to your web designer for every single change you want to make.

At the very least create the following pages:




Contact us

How to layout a homepage gives some insight into the type of information that you will want to put on your homepage to make the website look professional.

Ideally your services will be broken down further into multiple pages for the multiple services you offer, this will be better for SEO. For example our own website breaks our services down into PPC, SEO and web design, and further breaks them down again by location, meaning we have speci?c pages for each of these keywords/locations and thus have a better chance of ranking organically for these keywords. But if you don’t have time to break them up, then get all of your services on this page, explain what they are and why they will bene?t your website visitor.

Your about us page should tell your potential customer about yourself or company, what you do, why you love doing it and why your website visitor should get you to do it for them

Website coding development with responsive web design conceptThe contact us page is pretty self explanatory, ideally there will be a map pointing to your business address, your email, phone number and a quick contact form to send you their information.

In fact get a quick contact form on every single page on your website, this will increase conversions – guaranteed! The easier you make it for a website visitor to give you their information, the more likely they are to do it.

Ideally your website will have a blog as well so that you can add new content that is relevant to your visitors, but if you are struggling to write content and break your services up into separate pages there is no way you will be sitting down regularly to write a blog, so leave it out.

If you do use wordpress CMS get your web designer to install the visual composer plugin or another drag and drop page builder. This will allow you to create great looking pages in future without having a whole lot of technical knowledge.

And that’s your basic website covered. If you want any help, suggestions or a quote for us to build this website for you, then feel free to get in touch with me by tweeting @ smbclix or emailing Micheal [at ]