Content Strategy & Creation – SEO Training Module 4

When you are trying to rank your website on page one, content creation plays a major part in a successful SEO strategy. The key is to create the right type of content based on what Google is already ranking on page one.

You might have heard of Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique, where he will review what is ranking on page one, take all of the best information from each of the ranking posts and formulate his own giant, mega post that’s bigger and better than anything else that is out there.

It’s a good approach to take and can often get great results. But one thing that people often miss when creating content is the searchers intent and this is the first and most important step.

In this module we will cover the following:

-The content frameworks that the best SEO’s and content marketers are using to rank on page one

-How to review the search engine results to know what type of content you need to create in order to rank

-The step by step content creation process that I use to create content that’s already optimized and ready to rank on page one, quickly

So without further ado, let’s get into it:

4.1 Content Frameworks


4.2 How To Analyze Search Intent To Choose The Right Content Framework

4.3 Creating Content That Gets Results – An Overview

4.4.1 An Over The Shoulder View Of My Content Creation Process


Free SEO Training Feature Image

Free SEO Training For Businesses Affected By The Coronavirus Crisis


Many businesses will suffer in the coming weeks due to the COVID-19 Crisis (many already have), but this will eventually end and things will return to being (relatively) normal.

When people start to venture outside again, you’re going to want your business to be front & centre and easy for new customers to find.

Many of your competitors have already cut their marketing & SEO budgets, so there’s never been a better time to overtake them in the rankings.

To help you do this, I’ve created the “Race To Rank” Challenge.

In the coming weeks I will be creating SEO training videos that will teach you how to increase organic traffic to your website.

I will upload all of the videos to this page, so you don’t need to keep checking my Linkedin for updates, every training video I create will live on this page.

For the Race To Rank Challenge, you’ll learn all of the steps that I implement to rank and increase organic traffic for local, national and international clients.

You’ll learn all the important stuff – technical SEO, onpage SEO, Content Planning, link building and everything else you’ll need to rank your website, grow your traffic and grow your business.

These will be practical training videos where I will show you the exact methods that you can then implement on your website.

I’ll do it in a step by step way so that you can start on day one, learn, implement, then watch your organic traffic grow.

All of this training will be available entirely for free and whether you want to learn law firm seo, or you are a recruiter who has just been made redundant and want to start your own recruitment business, this training should help you get set up on the right footing.

What we’ll cover in this free SEO Course

In this free SEO training I’ll break down the most important elements of SEO Including:

-SEO Keyword Research

-Content Planning

-Onpage Optimization

-Link Silos/Pillars & Cluseters/Internal Linking

-Technical SEO

-Link Building

-Conversion Optimization

Before You Start Watching The Training Videos, Download These Templates

Here are some of the key templates and standard operating procedures you will need to use throughout the course. Simply click on the link to download them:

On-Page SEO Checklist

Content Calendar Template

Content Creation Template

Technical Audit Template & Standard Operating Procedure

Module 1: Keyword Research

1.1 Keyword Research Overview

Keyword Research for International, National And Local Businesses

In the following videos I’ve broken the keyword research down into how you would do it depending on your business type, International, National or Local. If you’re stuck for time, then only watch the video that’s relevant to you, however if you have the time, then please do go ahead and watch all videos as it will give you a great overview and more examples to help you understand how to do great keyword research.

 1.2 Keyword Research For International Businesses

Download my sheet from the video

***Quick note*** In this video I didn’t show Ubersuggest which is another great tool, please also watch the video below for a national business to learn how to use Ubersuggest as another source of Keyword Data

1.3 Keyword Research For National Businesses

Download the sheet from the video

1.4 Keyword Research For Local Businesses

Download the sheet from the video

Signing Up For Google Ads Accounts To Do Keyword Brainstorming (If you don’t already have an Adwords Account)

Katherine Devlin pinged me to let me know that the Google Ad account sign up was proving tricky and it turns out that they’ve definitely made a little bit trickier to get access to the keyword planner now, but it is still doable. I went through the sign up process myself to show you the steps you need to take here. These are a little bit rough’n’ready as they’ve completely changed the on-boarding sign up process and I wasn’t too familiar with it myself.

Signing up for Google Ads 1

Signing up for Google Ads 2

Signing up for Google Ads 3

1.5 Competitor Keyword Research overview


1.6 Competitor Keyword Research For International Businesses



Download the sheet from the video

1.7 Competitor Keyword Research For National Businesses


Check out the sheet

1.8 Competitor Keyword Research For Local Businesses





Access my sheet from the video here

1.9 Competitor Keyword Research Conclusion

1.10 How to filter out competitors branded keywords


1.11 Using Your Keyword Research To Build A Content Plan


1.12 Reviewing Search Intent To Ensure You Create The Right Content To Rank


Download my content calendar template by clicking on the link below.

2.0 Image SEO

Learn how I ranked myself as “the most handsome man in Ireland” and how you can use image SEO to drive traffic to your website.

image showing search results when Googling "most handsome man in Ireland"

3.0 Technical Audits

3.1 The Quickest Way To Identify Technical Issues

It’s important to get a quick overview of the site you are working and identify any issues you can find “on sight” (SEO Pun. Class). When starting on a new project I’ll usually do a quick run through and try to spot anything I can, it’s worth spending an hour or so on this, but you can find a lot in 10 minutes. I’ve done some quick reviews for some of my Linkedin connections and they were kind enough to let me share them here.

3.1.1 Weswitchu

3.1.2 Moovingo


3.2 Technical Audit Standard Operating Procedure

I’ve put together a standard operating procedure for technical site audit and am sharing it in this course. It’s important to note that when I’m doing a technical audit, it can take anywhere from 8-24 hours to get through, I’ve tried to keep this one simple, identifying some of the easier things for you to check especially if you have never heard of the items before, or realized that they are an issue for your website.

To get the Technical Audit SOP, just click the link below.

4.0 The Content Creation Process

For the content creation process I’ve put together a host of over the shoulder videos showing you my entire content creation process.

I’m also giving you the template for the brief I use to create content that will rank on page one.

Here is the first video from the module:


You can view the rest of the videos in the module here:

>> Go to Module 4 <<

And you can download the template I use to create content briefs by clicking the link below:

Webinar (4 SEO Hacks To Skyrocket Your Traffic)

Well it’s actually 4 hacks, this webinar covered Image SEO and the practical uses for it, Competitor keyword research, Content Auditing & Link building (both internal and external). As usual, I’ve tried to show exactly what to do and how I would do it for a clients campaign, which should make it easy for you to take on and apply to your campaigns.

Tools & Resources That I Love (Free & Paid):

SEMrush – Great for keyword research

Ahrefs – Great for keyword research, backlink analysis and so much more. Ahrefs is absolutely my favourite tool for SEO campaigns

Ubersuggest – Good for keyword research although getting a little clunky as Neil Patel tries to monitize it

Screaming Frog – Great for technical SEO

Local SEO Checklist – Really useful checklist for all things Local SEO

WebTitan – WebTitan is is a web filter that provides protection from both HTTP and HTTPS security threats as well as advanced DNS filtering. Google has confirmed that a secure site can help your rankings, WebTitan will keep your site safe and secure

Jarvis (AI Content Writing) – Jarvis is an AMAZING AI content writing solution. You can use it to write blogs, sales pages, product listings etc and the copy that it writes is second to none

Time Doctor – Really useful tool for tracking time, especially if you are using VA’s to run your SEO processes for you

Deepcrawl – Great for technical SEO

Content Strategy Guide – Really useful guide on B2B tech content strategy, which can be such a tough niche at times

LSI Graph – Great for keyword research

Answer The Public – Great for keyword research

Livewebinar – This webinar tool isn’t strictly SEO, but I really like it and use it all the time so wanted to include it!

Teamwork – Project management software that’s ideal for agencies. I use this to manage SEO projects at the agency, they give unlimited client users which is ideal for an agency.

Referral Marketing School – Great resource to learn about affiliate and referral marketing for free

UsefulPDF – Really handy tool, allows you to edit PDF’s for free

Together Platform – Together is a mentorship software, ideal for partnering experienced SEO team members with junior team members

Getvoip – As you scale your agency, voip can help you look more professional with phonelines for each employee. Getvoip gives you all the best options in one place, I used it to set up my own business phone numbers.

Cocosign – Easy and secure e-signatures that streamline everything!

SAAS Marketing Guide – I work with a lot of SAAS companies and really love SAAS marketing. This guide from Xander covers everything you need to know if you want to market a SAAS product.

Top of the list of handsome Irish men - Mícheál Brennan

The Most Handsome Man In Ireland – Me! (An SEO Experiment)

Who is the most handsome man in Ireland?

In this experiment I’m going to try and rank myself in Google images as the most handsome man in the entire country. I’m not going to reveal exactly how I did it just yet, at this stage I’m just going to prove that I can do it.

Across the world, Irish men are known for being tall and good looking. I’m neither of which! Actors like Jonathan Rhys-Myers, Michael Fassbender, Colin Farrell et al literally have women (and men) falling at their feet. But I’m going to prove that I’m better looking than all of them. I mean if google says it, it must be true!

Handsome Irish Men

So there I am, without doubt, one of the most handsome Irish men on the planet.

5 foot 9, thinning hair, skinny wrists, a crooked smile and a head the size of an Easter Island statue… What’s not to love?

The best looking Irish Man: Mícheál Brennan
That’s right, if you’re looking for a handsome Irish man then you’ve found him!. Check out the khaki shorts, that enhance the handsome-ness!

This picture is from nearly 4 years ago, so don’t worry ladies, I’ve lost plenty of hair and gained plenty of weight since then!

But who cares, I’m one of the most handsome men in Ireland, and Google is going to prove it! I might even do a Jimmy Kimmel on it and start a Handsome men’s club for other handsome Irish guys just like me







Good looking Irish Men

Did you know that I also top the list of good looking Irish men? So not only am I one of the most handsome Irish Men, I’m also part of an elite clique of good looking Irish men.

seriously good looking Irish man
What a good looking guy! This one is for the ladies….

You think when someone Google’s “good looking Irish guy”, they had me in mind? I doubt it very much!

But never the less Google is going to go ahead and cut me some slack by putting me at the top of the first page when someone searches for Good looking Irish Men

I mean when you think of good looking Irish guys, you would be forgiven for thinking lads like Rob Sheehan, Jamie Dornan or maybe even Liam Neeson would be topping the results.

And maybe they will be, but the best part is that with this experiment, I’ll be right in there with them.

Some really good looking Irish men, and me among them, a seriously, good looking man from Ireland! Haha!


Best looking Irish Man

Did you know that I’m also the best looking Irish man? This might come as a surprise to many (including my wife), but she is married to the best looking man in Ireland.

I am literally the best looking Irish man
Suited and booted, looking sharp. The best looking man in Ireland

I mean, how lucky is she? Nearly 6 million people on the Island of Ireland, not sure how many of them are men, but if it’s 50/50, then that’s 3 million Irish lads, and Sarah is lucky enough to be married to the best looking Irish man!

The best looking man on the island of Ireland. What a catch! All 170 lb’s of me!

Literally the best looking man on the island of Ireland, Google doesn’t get these things wrong. Wonder how many people are going to slide into my DM’s (sorry everyone, Ireland’s best looking man is happily married with 2 kids)








The Most Handsome Man In Ireland

No seriously, it might not be common knowledge, but I’m actually the most handsome man in Ireland. So of the group of the most handsome and best looking Irish Men, I am quite literally the most handsome man in Ireland.

Mícheál Brennan - The most handsome man in Ireland
“If it’s on the internet it must be true” – Mícheál Brennan, Ireland’s most handsome man 2019 and beyond

What a hunk! Here I am being Ireland’s most handsome man on a night out with my buddies, I’m after one too beer too many for sure, and far from bright and bleary eyed!

I’ve had to cut them out of the photo, because I’m the most handsome man in Ireland and they aren’t worthy to basque in my internet-y handsome-ness glory.

The internet can be a strange place, but that’s not a problem for Ireland’s most handsome man, Mícheál Brennan!

seo secrets

5 SEO Secrets Guaranteed To Increase Traffic & Grow Your Business

Google has never been more powerful than it is now. Its algorithm is complicated, yet sophisticated and refined, allowing the major search engine to weed out spam, organize data, and rank websites with an unprecedented efficiency. Unfortunately, each time Google improves its algorithm, it becomes harder for business owners to rank their websites and secure the traffic they need. So, how do you crack the code?

One of the most common misconceptions about SEO is that it is a one-time fix. SEO is not a one-size-fits-all checklist that business owners can complete and immediately see results. Much like a sailboat must constantly adjust to the wind, SEO requires consistent monitoring and tuning to produce ideal results. Google rewards businesses that repeatedly optimize their sites, proving their credibility and building a longstanding history of “doing the right thing”.

There are an endless number of things Google considers when validating your business. From link-building to HTML code corrections to content development. But how do business owners determine which techniques will create tangible results and result in more hard conversions? This blog aims to answer that question.

  1. Website Structure

When websites are in the conception phase, it can be tempting to want to build pages and create content that appeals to every possible user that may come to your site. However, if the scope of your site is too broad, it can work against you. When search engines like Google crawl through a website, they want to find the most relevant information as quickly as possible. Websites optimized for search engines need to be constructed in a specific way for this to happen. There are two ways to achieve this:

  • Physical Silos
    A physical silo is a pre-determined content hierarchy for your site. The highest point in the hierarchy should always be the homepage. From the homepage, users should be directed to your key silo categories. For example, if you own a carpet cleaning company, your key silo categories might be “Residential”, “Commercial”, “Restoration”, “About Us” and “Blog”. Once your silo categories are determined, you then begin building content-rich pages under each category that search engines will be able to easily locate. The more specific and keyword dense these pages are, the more favourably Google and other search engines will see them.
  • Link-based Silos

How you link pages together within your website can either help Google find the content it needs, or hinder it. If pages that are relevant to one another are linked appropriately, creating a consistent flow of information, search engines will find what they need to rank your website well. However, if crawlers go through your site only to be directed to dead-end links, or to sub-pages that do not support their category, your rankings will suffer.


It can be time consuming to restructure your website, fix broken links, or create additional content for link building, but in the long run your analytics will show the benefits. Bounce rates will lessen, conversion rates will increase, and your rankings will improve. Link based silo’s can be essential for ecommerce SEO because it’s unlikely that you are going to be able to get someone to link directly to one of your product pages, without violating Google’s Guidelines. Creating great content that naturally attracts links is the way to go, because you can then link to your own product pages from these heavily linked content pages and funnel the authority all the way through so that your product pages rank on page one.

  1. Quality Links

If you own a business that relies heavily on the function of your website, you have probably heard of backlinks. Backlinks are links from other locations on the internet that bring users to your website. For example, if your business is featured in an online article from a local newspaper and they link to your website, that is a backlink for your business.

It is common for marketing agencies or business owners to pay for backlinks. However, Google explicitly states that buying backlinks to improve your online rankings goes against their guidelines. This is why creating quality content on your website that gains attention organically is the best way to build backlinks. How do you do that? There are several ways:

  • Link Roundups
    Many bloggers and content creators on the Internet will post “link roundup” articles on their sites. They may do this each month or each week, depending on how frequently they post. In these articles, they will link out to all of their favourite articles, resources, and websites so their readers can check them out. If you produce quality content that is of value to the publisher of a link roundup, they may include your link! You can search for link roundup articles on the web and then look for the contact information of the person who shared it. They may be looking for something to share and you could be it!
  • Guest Posting

Many blogs and websites invite others to write for them, this is referred to as a guest post. This is a fantastic way to get your name out there! Look for websites that are active within your niche and then see if they offer writing opportunities. Be sure to approach sites with an article or pitch already in mind, and always send a few links to other articles you have written. If they find your content valuable, they should have no problem a link back to your site in the post.

  • Claiming Unlinked Mentions

You could have backlink opportunities that already exist and not know it. It is not uncommon for websites, blogs, and social media accounts to share your content without linking back to your site. This isn’t typically intentional; they just may not have known your URL or where the original content came from. You can find these unclaimed mentions using tools like Google Alerts to track your name and brand online. When you appear, reach out to whoever shared your content and politely request that they link back to your site. Most people are more than happy to make the adjustment!

3. Word Count

Did you know that the average word count for all of Google’s top-ranking websites is 1,980 words? Content matters, and the more high-quality, focused content you have, the more likely your website is to appear at the top of search engines.

When you write longer content about a specific topic on your website, the more likely you are to include relevant keywords and information that your audience is looking for. What does this mean for you? Google likes information that users find helpful. The more targeted and fine-tuned your content is, the more people will find it and read it, and the more Google will recognize it.

Not sure how to focus your content and include keywords that are pertinent to your audience? Try using keyword generator sites like or Simply type in a phrase that appears in your website frequently, like “carpet cleaning”. Then watch as common keywords related to your search appear! It’s that easy.

AI copy writing tools can also help you achieve to desired word count. to be honest, some of them have gotten so good that you don’t even need to edit them, check out this review of Closersopy vs Jarvis to get a full rundown of the best tools

4. Mobile Optimization

mobile seoOne of Google’s most recent algorithm updates made sure that websites that are optimized for mobile users saw a boost in rankings when searched for from a mobile device. With mobile searches steadily increasing year over year for Google, the search engine giant wants to ensure that websites that are making the effort to be mobile-friendly are easily located for those using the platform.

How can you make sure your website is optimized for mobile use? Invest in responsive design. Google has several tools for testing the responsiveness of websites and the more you have, the more power Google will give your site.

Below are some of the responsive elements Google looks for when ranking your site:

  • Flash – Many mobile browsers are not flash compatible. Google wants to see websites using more up-to-date technology for video content.
  • Font size – If your website does not automatically scale the size of the font on your website, users must zoom in and out. Google sees this as an inconvenience for your viewers.
  • Touch elements – If buttons, links, etc on your website are too close to one another, people will find it difficult to click on them without accidentally clicking on another element. Google wants all clickable elements on your page to be distinct and distanced from one another for optimum user experience.
  • Pop-ups – Full screen pop ups are an inconvenience to mobile users. They slow down loading speeds and create a barrier between your viewer and the content they are looking to find. Google penalizes mobile sites with frequent pop-ups.

Optimizing your site to adhere to these guidelines will increase your ranking performance for mobile searchers and result in more mobile users finding your site. An excellent way to gain new visitors and reach your target audiences while they are on the move!

Did you know that you can also do mobile keyword research? It’s true. Desktop keywords and mobile keywords differ, and knowing the difference could make all the difference for your website. The more you implement mobile keywords into your website, the more your site will appear at the top of mobile searches.

So how are mobile keywords different from desktop keywords?

  • Mobile keywords are shorter – People have less time to type when they are on the go. Your mobile keywords should always be less than three words. For example, on a desktop computer a user might search “Full service nail salons in Boston”, but from their mobile device might only type “Nail salons Boston”. To think mobile, you should always think concise.
  • Mobile keywords include location – Since users are often on the move when they search from their phone, they are usually looking for businesses that are close to them. Apps like Google Maps are used frequently on mobile devices, so including keywords that let people know where you are located is always beneficial. For example, you might want to optimize your site for “Coffee shop in West Toronto” or “Coffee shop on 97th Street”.
  • Mobile keywords include voice searches – When people use their cell phones, they often use voice software like Siri or Cortana to search. However, people speak differently when they speak than when they type. For example, questions are much more common from mobile devices than desktop. People frequently say things like “Siri, where is the nearest gas station?” rather than “Gas station”. You may want to consider adding questions to your keywords to optimize for mobile!

5. Video Integration

Video is one of the fastest growing online content forms, and there is no sign of it slowing anytime soon. If you aren’t already using video on your website, you may want to start developing a strategy. Videos account for 62 per cent of all Google searches, according to Marketing Land. That’s a huge portion of the Google pie!

When you record a video for your website, following these simple steps will boost your ranking results:

  • Upload your video to YouTube – This is one way to guarantee that Google will index your video, since YouTube is owned by Google.
  • Embed your video on your site – Since users who watch your video on YouTube won’t necessarily visit your website, you want to include your video on your site. When someone watches the video on your website, Google sees those views and includes them in the total tally of views on your video. Of course, the higher your views, the more credit Google gives your site!
  • Make your title searchable – Google considers your headline above all else when it comes to what terms are being used to find your video. Use long-tail keywords if possible, then always make sure your video title and description match those keywords.

Again, SEO is an ever-evolving strategy that requires steady, continuous monitoring. What works today may not necessarily work tomorrow. However, building a strong SEO foundation for your website by applying the tips above will mean you have more to build upon when further tactics are required.

The goal of every business should be to send as many positive indicators to Google and other search engines as possible. The longer your site is operating with a high number of indications working in it’s favor, the more it will gain momentum and yield positive results. When Google changes its algorithm, some of your indicators may turn off, but your business will still be in a better position to repair these hits than websites that have not yet implemented these steps.

Which leads us to our bonus tip! Always track your analytics closely. Watch how your keywords are performing, check bounce rates and click-through rates. When you make changes, set goals that will indicate how well your methods are working. Keep up to date with Google changes and keep your ear to the ground. Sometimes, there are valid reasons for dips in performance. Other times, the reasons will not be as clear. The only way to know for certain is to keep close tabs on your numbers.


Few Quick Tips on Conversion Rate Optimisation

Overhauling or making changes to a website can be scary. There are many risks and questions involved. What if conversion rates go down or what if the experts you involve to make the changes end up hurting your business? These concerns are absolutely valid, but every business has to take risks to improve the conversion rate of their website. You must explore new opportunities and fight challenges with a calculated risk at the very least. However, it is quite apparent that most of the websites focus on aesthetics rather than conversions.

A conversion is an action that increases the visitors to your website and conversion rate optimisation is an online marketing process that increases the amount of visitors that convert into a customer. Most of the business takes conversion as a goal that adds value to the business. This usually takes the form of sales, leads, average order value, revenue per visitor, etc. It is essential that you implement additional conversions functions to increase revenue and gain more customers.

A few pointers on conversion rate optimisation are mentioned here.

  • Polishing your website navigation is essential for business. The objective of your side, top, and footer navigation is to make your website the most frequently searched one. It also ensures that the content is easily accessible. By understanding and analysing what is important for your target audience, you can intelligently craft your navigation menu.
  • There is a widely held misconception that forms on a website should be small and precise. Instead of assuming less is better, you should try and test multiple forms. Though initially, it may appear counter-intuitive, people may feel compelled to complete the process if your form is broken into multiple steps.
  • Product page optimisation is one of the most significant aspects of your website. There are plenty of ways by which you can tweak and test these pages to increase your store revenue. By considering some of the basic elements such as selecting the right colours, labour over your layout and including the best call to action may help you achieve the desired results.
  • Make your homepage an open door for the rest of the website. Do not crowd your homepage with too much information – it can make your site confusing or slow to load. Instead, use your website’s home page space to optimise for conversions by keeping it simple and easy to navigate.

Increase Your Business’s Online Presence with SEO Services in Dublin

Search engine optimization makes sense if you want to increase the presence of your online business. In fact, it one of the basic services you can get from an SEO agency in Dublin. With SEO services, your online presence and traffic can be boosted to get organic, natural, or free search results. The results of an SEO campaign can depend on many factors, including the quality of the service and the expertise of the provider. Hence, it is crucial to pick only the best provider of SEO services in Dublin if you want a successful way to increase your business’ online presence by placing it on the top ranks of search results pages each time someone looks up any product or service that is relevant to what you offer.

Many SEO strategies exist, and you need to conduct research on keywords and competitors, create high-quality content, and work on analytics tools to ensure the best results. Moreover, you may need to reconstruct or fix your website, too. SEO services in Dublin can save you from all the hassle and guesswork involved in optimizing a website. By leaving those tasks to them, you can focus on other crucial activities for your business and you do not have to worry about going through intensive training or hiring additional staff for your SEO campaign.

There may be a lot of SEO Services in Dublin, but only a handful are able to stand out with their proven results, reliability, expertise, professionalism, and global presence. Be sure to look up the experience and expertise of the SEO service provider and verify them through case studies, client testimonials, and by calling up references. That way, you can be confident that you are hiring experts who are truly reliable and experienced in what they do. Go for a company that excels in local SEO, and make sure that you are they use only white hat SEO techniques, so you do not have to worry about your website getting blacklisted by Google and other search engines.

5 Questions To Ask Your SEO Agency

Hiring a digital agency for your SEO affairs is certainly not an easy task. When looking at an SEO agency, you should ask these 5 important questions before making a hiring decision. These particular questions will give you a better idea as to which company is best suited for the job.


What Is Your Professional Philosophy?


Search engine optimization (SEO) methods differ greatly from one client to the next. For example, one digital agency will handle the promotion of your website differently than their competitor. One SEO company may specialize in link building while the specialty of another may be content marketing. There are quite a few ways to bring about great SEO results for a client. A potential digital agency should tell you why they use their particular methods and how it can help your business.


Do You Outsource A Portion Of Your SEO Projects?


Some SEO companies take on so much work that they are not able to handle all of the projects personally. For this reason, a few agencies will outsource the work to people outside of the company. These outsourcers usually don’t have the level of experience and knowledge needed to rank your website in the search engines. To keep your website out of the hands of inexperienced workers, refuse to work with agencies that do not do 100 % of the SEO work on all of their clients’ websites.


How Do You Stay Current On Changes in Google’s Algorithms?


A competent SEO professional will attend conferences, read countless industry articles and attend webinars to keep abreast of SEO changes. The industry can change in an instant, so it is vitally important for SEO workers to remain up-to-date on issues that can affect the businesses of their clients.


Unfortunately, there are still digital agencies out there that use outdated SEO practices. To ensure that these methods aren’t being used on your website, ask about the education practices of the professionals at a digital agency.


Do You Work With My Competitors?


Ethical SEO companies will tell all of their potential clients if they are or have worked with one of the clients’ competitors. If it turns out that the agency does work with one of your competitors, you will need to figure out whether you as a business owner are comfortable with this. During this time, you will want to think about whether you can deal with potential breaches of confidence from your SEO agency. If the idea of this bothers you, seek out SEO services elsewhere.



How Often Will The Two Parties Be In Contact?


You do not want to sign up for SEO services at a digital agency, only to have your point of contact fall off the face of the Earth. You will want to figure out how often you will receive status updates from the account manager at the agency, as well as determining the channels of communication that you can use to ask them questions or have them address concerns. For example, will you be contacting them through email? How often? Will the point person at the agency be available by phone in an emergency? Determining this beforehand can better ensure a smoother working relationship with your SEO agency.




Are London SEO services worth the money?

If you are unsure if it is worth investing in London SEO services for your business, you are not alone. With so many online blogs, advice sites and the increase in business technology support, it is easy to think that you can control your SEO in-house.


No matter how amazing your product is, you need a strong marketing and advertising plan that is best left to the experts. As a business owner, it is difficult to be active in every role within the business, and an SEO expert not only needs skills in advertising and marketing but also needs an awareness of social media, business analysis and analytics.


Instead of spreading yourself thin, you can look for support from an SEO expert. In London, SEO services can be expensive, but often the returns will work out a lot more than the initial money that you invest.


Setting a Budget for effective London SEO services


One of the first things that you need to do when thinking of using an SEO service is to work out your budget, so that you do not waste money along the way. If you only have a small budget, your SEO firm can work out the best plan for you, making the necessary compromises.


Conversely, if you have a large budget, you should not be tempted to throw large sums of money at just any aspect of SEO. Be smart about the process.


With the rules of SEO marketing changing so regularly, it is easy to throw away money by using ineffective keywords or getting on the wrong side of Google, due to algorithm changes. An experienced London SEO company will know the ins and outs of the industry, and how to avoid these mistakes.


When deciding on your budget you will need to take into account the varying timescales that it takes to achieve your search engine and traffic goals, something that your SEO company should be honest about from the beginning.


You can achieve some quick sales with paid advertising, but you should plan on a long-term relationship with your SEO firm in order to achieve sales and/or leads through its implementation. This is important as when you are in London, SEO services can help you stand out amongst a busy crowd.


Why it’s important to go organic


Good SEO companies will tempt you away from solely looking at paid searches to get your business the traffic and sales that it needs. Organic traffic is just as important as PPC and in fact, work better, when they are carried out in conjunction with one another.


Yes, organic SEO can take a lot longer to yield good results, but the keywords that you end up ranking for can be very beneficial when looking at the bigger picture.


The SEO company that you choose can develop an effective strategy that will involve regular tweaks to link building campaigns, outreach, content planning and analysis of the data acquired from the results.


It is without a doubt that SEO services are a worthwhile investment and in London, SEO services have the potential to be massively influential to the sales and branding of your business.

Finding a reliable SEO Company – Toronto has a lot of to offer

Hiring a reliable SEO firm can be a daunting experience as there are so many companies on the market, and all of them seem to tell us that they are the best in the business. If you are looking for a trustworthy SEO company, Toronto offers many reliable and transparent companies that can have a big impact on your business.

In order to find the right SEO company for your business, you should follow the guidelines below to ensure that they are avoiding any black hat or shady SEO tricks, which could potentially harm your company in the long-term.

Avoid paid automated link building services

seo company torontoWhen it comes to any trusted SEO company, Toronto companies included, will understand that you should not buy links in order to rank highly in organic search results, as Google often penalises this behavior. Instead, your SEO company will offer services to optimise your website, including strategies on social media integration, media promotion and outreach.

Ask if “off-page” SEO is on offer

You may be familiar with on-page SEO, such as keyword optimization, content, Meta tags and accurate coding, but do you know about the benefits of off-page SEO?  Off-page SEO involves effective link building and social media optimisation, both of which can massively affect your overall rankings. With access to and knowledge of backend data, your SEO company, Toronto, can let you know how they can ethically build links for you, in a way that Google will appreciate, and also how long this process will take before you see results.

Review pricing

If you have a budget set, then you should do your best to stick to it, while also staying away from any SEO firms that promise you number 1 rankings within a few weeks. Ranking in the top pages of Internet search engines is definitely something that is desirable, but it is not easy, so invest your money on an SEO company who can provide a long-term SEO plan that is affordable and effective.

Ask questions

Different SEO companies in Toronto will have their preferred methods of working, so it is important to quiz them on how they see themselves helping your business, in a way that other companies cannot. Never feel silly posing questions to an SEO company, Toronto people are known for their kind and approachable nature. They are Canadian eh! Being friendly is what they are known for. Unless you are playing hockey against them! You need to feel assured that you are investing your money wisely, which means doing your homework before making your final decision.

When it comes to achieving rankings on Google and other search engines through an SEO company, Toronto businesses know that there are no quick fixes and that it will take time for them for their efforts to take effect.

If you are in doubt about which firm to choose, having a look around on the Internet and reviewing feedback that has already been provided, is a good way to get an idea about who would be the best fit for you. There will no doubt be a lot that your chosen Toronto SEO company has to offer, so take action today for transparency and reliability.

If you are looking for a reliable and transparent SEO company then why not contact us for a free SEO review.