Adwords For Amateurs

If you have decided to go it alone and don’t want or can’t afford to enlist the help of a PPC agency, then this guide should give you plenty of info to get you off on the right footing.

Before you dive head ?rst into setting up an adwords campaign and end up dropping it due to frustration from lack of understanding of what you are doing, you can do some googling yourself and ?nd some beginner guides to adwords. We’ve pointed out some of the best ones in this blog.

The Beginners Guide To Setting Up An Adwords Account gives some great tips on how an adwords campaign works and how to set up an adwords campaign. This should be your ?rst reading when trying to understand what adwords is, what it does and what it can do for your business. offers some great courses and their Google Adwords Essential Training course is absolutely brilliant for beginners and will help you set up a great beginner campaign. The course itself is about 3 and a half hours long and it’s probably best to set up your ?rst campaign as you watch it, this way you can learn on the job and set your new campaign up as advised in the Lynda tutorial. It’s best to schedule about an hour and a half each day for 5 days to get this going, so you can watch the instructional video, then pause it and take the actions advised in the video. As far I am aware Lynda offer a free trial, but if that’s not an option any more, their monthly pricing is really attractive at about $25 a month, you can cancel after one month so it’s 25 bucks well spent given the knowledge you will gain from their course and a lot cheaper than a PPC consultant like myself.

This free guide from a PPC agency in Utah – disruptive advertising – also gives great advice on creating a successful campaign. In my opinion these guys are one of the best adwords agencies in the world so I would de?nitely subscribe to their blog to receive ongoing updates, because they are an absolute mountain of information on PPC.Businessman Doing a Presentation

Once your new adwords campaign is set up you are going to want to monitor it so that you can learn if the campaign is performing well or not. “What To Track Based On Your Advertising Goals” is a great article on some of the key metrics you should check on your new campaign. Going forward you can use these metrics to improve the campaigns performance, by taking actions such as removing keywords, adding keywords, improving ad copy etc. If you want to maximise your return from PPC, check out these 3 strategies.

And that’s pretty much it for beginners, if you use these resources then you will be well on your way to building a successful adwords campaign that brings customers to your business and a positive return on your investment. Remember a well set up adwords campaign will save you money and grow your ROI. If you have any questions or if you are looking for some adwords strategy tips, then feel free to reach out to me by tweeting @smbclix or by emailing micheal [at]