Content Strategy & Creation – SEO Training Module 4

When you are trying to rank your website on page one, content creation plays a major part in a successful SEO strategy. The key is to create the right type of content based on what Google is already ranking on page one.

You might have heard of Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique, where he will review what is ranking on page one, take all of the best information from each of the ranking posts and formulate his own giant, mega post that’s bigger and better than anything else that is out there.

It’s a good approach to take and can often get great results. But one thing that people often miss when creating content is the searchers intent and this is the first and most important step.

In this module we will cover the following:

-The content frameworks that the best SEO’s and content marketers are using to rank on page one

-How to review the search engine results to know what type of content you need to create in order to rank

-The step by step content creation process that I use to create content that’s already optimized and ready to rank on page one, quickly

So without further ado, let’s get into it:

4.1 Content Frameworks


4.2 How To Analyze Search Intent To Choose The Right Content Framework

4.3 Creating Content That Gets Results – An Overview

4.4.1 An Over The Shoulder View Of My Content Creation Process