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Free SEO Training For Businesses Affected By The Coronavirus Crisis


Many businesses will suffer in the coming weeks due to the COVID-19 Crisis (many already have), but this will eventually end and things will return to being (relatively) normal.

When people start to venture outside again, you’re going to want your business to be front & centre and easy for new customers to find.

Many of your competitors have already cut their marketing & SEO budgets, so there’s never been a better time to overtake them in the rankings.

To help you do this, I’ve created the “Race To Rank” Challenge.

In the coming weeks I will be creating SEO training videos that will teach you how to increase organic traffic to your website.

I will upload all of the videos to this page, so you don’t need to keep checking my Linkedin for updates, every training video I create will live on this page.

For the Race To Rank Challenge, you’ll learn all of the steps that I implement to rank and increase organic traffic for local, national and international clients.

You’ll learn all the important stuff – technical SEO, onpage SEO, Content Planning, link building and everything else you’ll need to rank your website, grow your traffic and grow your business.

These will be practical training videos where I will show you the exact methods that you can then implement on your website.

I’ll do it in a step by step way so that you can start on day one, learn, implement, then watch your organic traffic grow.

All of this training will be available entirely for free and whether you want to learn law firm seo, or you are a recruiter who has just been made redundant and want to start your own recruitment business, this training should help you get set up on the right footing.

What we’ll cover in this free SEO Course

In this free SEO training I’ll break down the most important elements of SEO Including:

-SEO Keyword Research

-Content Planning

-Onpage Optimization

-Link Silos/Pillars & Cluseters/Internal Linking

-Technical SEO

-Link Building

-Conversion Optimization

Before You Start Watching The Training Videos, Download These Templates

Here are some of the key templates and standard operating procedures you will need to use throughout the course. Simply click on the link to download them:

On-Page SEO Checklist

Content Calendar Template

Content Creation Template

Technical Audit Template & Standard Operating Procedure

Module 1: Keyword Research

1.1 Keyword Research Overview

Keyword Research for International, National And Local Businesses

In the following videos I’ve broken the keyword research down into how you would do it depending on your business type, International, National or Local. If you’re stuck for time, then only watch the video that’s relevant to you, however if you have the time, then please do go ahead and watch all videos as it will give you a great overview and more examples to help you understand how to do great keyword research.

 1.2 Keyword Research For International Businesses

Download my sheet from the video

***Quick note*** In this video I didn’t show Ubersuggest which is another great tool, please also watch the video below for a national business to learn how to use Ubersuggest as another source of Keyword Data

1.3 Keyword Research For National Businesses

Download the sheet from the video

1.4 Keyword Research For Local Businesses

Download the sheet from the video

Signing Up For Google Ads Accounts To Do Keyword Brainstorming (If you don’t already have an Adwords Account)

Katherine Devlin pinged me to let me know that the Google Ad account sign up was proving tricky and it turns out that they’ve definitely made a little bit trickier to get access to the keyword planner now, but it is still doable. I went through the sign up process myself to show you the steps you need to take here. These are a little bit rough’n’ready as they’ve completely changed the on-boarding sign up process and I wasn’t too familiar with it myself.

Signing up for Google Ads 1

Signing up for Google Ads 2

Signing up for Google Ads 3

1.5 Competitor Keyword Research overview


1.6 Competitor Keyword Research For International Businesses



Download the sheet from the video

1.7 Competitor Keyword Research For National Businesses


Check out the sheet

1.8 Competitor Keyword Research For Local Businesses





Access my sheet from the video here

1.9 Competitor Keyword Research Conclusion

1.10 How to filter out competitors branded keywords


1.11 Using Your Keyword Research To Build A Content Plan


1.12 Reviewing Search Intent To Ensure You Create The Right Content To Rank


Download my content calendar template by clicking on the link below.

2.0 Image SEO

Learn how I ranked myself as “the most handsome man in Ireland” and how you can use image SEO to drive traffic to your website.

image showing search results when Googling "most handsome man in Ireland"

3.0 Technical Audits

3.1 The Quickest Way To Identify Technical Issues

It’s important to get a quick overview of the site you are working and identify any issues you can find “on sight” (SEO Pun. Class). When starting on a new project I’ll usually do a quick run through and try to spot anything I can, it’s worth spending an hour or so on this, but you can find a lot in 10 minutes. I’ve done some quick reviews for some of my Linkedin connections and they were kind enough to let me share them here.

3.1.1 Weswitchu

3.1.2 Moovingo


3.2 Technical Audit Standard Operating Procedure

I’ve put together a standard operating procedure for technical site audit and am sharing it in this course. It’s important to note that when I’m doing a technical audit, it can take anywhere from 8-24 hours to get through, I’ve tried to keep this one simple, identifying some of the easier things for you to check especially if you have never heard of the items before, or realized that they are an issue for your website.

To get the Technical Audit SOP, just click the link below.

4.0 The Content Creation Process

For the content creation process I’ve put together a host of over the shoulder videos showing you my entire content creation process.

I’m also giving you the template for the brief I use to create content that will rank on page one.

Here is the first video from the module:


You can view the rest of the videos in the module here:

>> Go to Module 4 <<

And you can download the template I use to create content briefs by clicking the link below:

Webinar (4 SEO Hacks To Skyrocket Your Traffic)

Well it’s actually 4 hacks, this webinar covered Image SEO and the practical uses for it, Competitor keyword research, Content Auditing & Link building (both internal and external). As usual, I’ve tried to show exactly what to do and how I would do it for a clients campaign, which should make it easy for you to take on and apply to your campaigns.

Tools & Resources That I Love (Free & Paid):

SEMrush – Great for keyword research

Ahrefs – Great for keyword research, backlink analysis and so much more. Ahrefs is absolutely my favourite tool for SEO campaigns

Ubersuggest – Good for keyword research although getting a little clunky as Neil Patel tries to monitize it

Screaming Frog – Great for technical SEO

Local SEO Checklist – Really useful checklist for all things Local SEO

WebTitan – WebTitan is is a web filter that provides protection from both HTTP and HTTPS security threats as well as advanced DNS filtering. Google has confirmed that a secure site can help your rankings, WebTitan will keep your site safe and secure

Jarvis (AI Content Writing) – Jarvis is an AMAZING AI content writing solution. You can use it to write blogs, sales pages, product listings etc and the copy that it writes is second to none

Time Doctor – Really useful tool for tracking time, especially if you are using VA’s to run your SEO processes for you

Deepcrawl – Great for technical SEO

Content Strategy Guide – Really useful guide on B2B tech content strategy, which can be such a tough niche at times

LSI Graph – Great for keyword research

Answer The Public – Great for keyword research

Livewebinar – This webinar tool isn’t strictly SEO, but I really like it and use it all the time so wanted to include it!

Teamwork – Project management software that’s ideal for agencies. I use this to manage SEO projects at the agency, they give unlimited client users which is ideal for an agency.

Referral Marketing School – Great resource to learn about affiliate and referral marketing for free

UsefulPDF – Really handy tool, allows you to edit PDF’s for free

Together Platform – Together is a mentorship software, ideal for partnering experienced SEO team members with junior team members

Getvoip – As you scale your agency, voip can help you look more professional with phonelines for each employee. Getvoip gives you all the best options in one place, I used it to set up my own business phone numbers.

Cocosign – Easy and secure e-signatures that streamline everything!

SAAS Marketing Guide – I work with a lot of SAAS companies and really love SAAS marketing. This guide from Xander covers everything you need to know if you want to market a SAAS product.