What does an International SEO Consultant do?

Choosing to work with an international SEO consultant means that you will get the opportunity to rank for geographically specific keywords, by allowing them to optimise your website and SEO efforts for global search terms that are relevant to your business.

For example, if you run a hairdressing business, your primary goal would be to target people in your local area, and then if you eventually expand you would most likely look to attract a nationwide audience.

If your business is well established from a local and regional perspective and you are looking to grow even further, it may be time to think about international SEO. This means that your website will be able to start getting traffic from other countries.

Why an international SEO consultant is needed

Once your begin targeting customers that live in different countries, SEO can become even more difficult as you begin to take into account different cultures, languages and infrastructures. What appeals to one person in country A may become lost in translation to a person in country B, which is where hiring an international SEO consultant comes in.

Employing a professional can ensure that you make the correct technical changes to your website, assist you in developing relevant content, analyze traffic and build high-quality inbound and outbound links.

They can help your company with the following:


Speaking to international customers in their native language can be tricky, and you should never assume that simple translation tools found on the Internet will be effective. Hiring an interpreter who can understand the nuances of different languages can be expensive, especially if you need to employ multiple people. Your international SEO consultant can ensure that your message is heard as you intend in a cost-effective way.

Search Engine Preferences

While Google may be the search engine of choice in the UK, it is banned in China and although BING is not popular in France, it is in the US. Understanding different search engine preferences is key to reaching your international market.

Domain Name

Your international SEO consultant can advise on whether you need to create individual domains for each country or not. They should also be able to assist with the planning and execution, which can be confusing and time-consuming.


For efficiency and speed of data, you may need to consider using a web hosting company from your target country. If you do decide to host from a different country it can have negative effects on your SEO results, which your consultant can discuss with you.


While social media does not directly influence rankings, it can lead to your website being shared by interested users, which will increase popularity. With this in mind, you will want to think about integrating social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter onto your website and ensure that you look at preferences between countries. For example, Google + is a great tool in the UK and US but Sina Weibo is most popular in China.

If you want to fully optimise your website and make use of the best SEO tools in the business, then investing in an international SEO consultant is a smart move. They will be able to analyse your website, conduct in-depth research and develop a strategy that works for your business

Struggling With Online Lead Generation? 5 Easy Steps To Increase Leads by 600% [Infographic]

Are you struggling with online lead generation? Are you finding that your online marketing budget isn’t bringing in a good enough ROI? Want to know how to increase online leads?

This post would probably come under the heading of content marketing and content marketing works, but the absolute quickest way to increase online leads is almost certainly with Google Adwords. The Adwords platform allows you get your business in front of potential customers, who are actively searching for your products or services. And you only pay when that person who is already trying to find you, clicks on your ad.

Seems like a no brainer that if you want to increase your online leads, then you should run an Adwords campaign. But often if you talk to other local business owners you will hear that “Adwords is a waste of time” or “Adwords costs too much”. Why do they think this? Plain and simply they are almost certainly doing it wrong. For every naysayer that is slating Adwords, there is another company that has grown and grown and grown with the help of Adwords. The difference is that the naysayers aren’t doing it right. Don’t get me wrong Adwords is a fantastic way to blow money, drain your online marketing budget and you will find plenty of businesses who have done this. But when executed correctly Adwords is the most perfect form of advertising in the world.

If you want to focus on online lead generation, there is no other better platform than adwords. And we’ve put together this infographic, to show you how we increased online leads for one of our clients by more than 600% in 5 easy steps, without increasing their online marketing budget.



Adwords Infographic – 10 More Adwords Hacks To Get You Even More Customers!

If you liked our first 10 Adwords Hacks, you won’t be disappointed that we have got 10 more Adwords hacks that will help you get even more customers!

In the first Adwords infographic, we talked about how you can use Gmail Sponsored promotions to steal customers from your competitors, by advertising to them right in their email inbox. But did you know that you can advertise on Linkedin through the Adwords display network? A lot of businesses have found that advertising directly with Linkedin can be pretty costly, the adwords display network allows you to advertise on Linkedin at a fraction of the cost!

Or what about mini conversion bait? Rather than going straight in for the kill and trying to get someone to fill out your lead form from the offset, why not offer them something of value – like a whitepaper – in exchange for something small like their email address? Get them into your sales funnel so that you can continue to show the value of that working with your company might offer.

Imagine if you could track every time the phone rings from your latest advertising campaign? Well with Google Adwords this is 100% possible, making it pretty much the only type of advertising available that allows you to track every single penny you make from the campaign, so that you can accurately calculate your ROI and scale it up if needed!

These are just some of the ways you can hack adwords and this Adwords infographic follows on from the our previous post, with 10 more awesome tips to help you get more inbound leads from the Google Adwords platform.

If you are interested in learning how you can grow your business through Digital Marketing, then why not contact us for a free, no obligations digital marketing review. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Happy Hacking!


Google Adwords Infographic – 10 Adwords Hacks To Get You More Leads

I used to fish a lot when I was a kid, I remember long summer evenings spent by lazy rivers fishing for Trout in Cork. My uncle Liam was a great fisherman and I loved going fishing with him, as it meant I was pretty much guaranteed to catch something. If I didn’t catch a fish at least I’d probably catch a cold (summer weather in Ireland can be a little bit unpredictable!) As I grew older I began to wonder how he caught a fish every time, so I asked him and he told me that “it’s pretty easy… always fish where the fish are” fishing-2-adwords-infographic

Simple advice about fishing, but what has that got to do with a Google Adwords Infographic or digital marketing? The answer is pretty straightforward, if you own a business then Google Adwords allows you to “fish where the fish are”. For instance, if someone searches on Google for your product or service, adwords will allow you to get in front of that person at the exact moment that they are trying to find you. Just like the fish is looking for a worm, people are actively looking for your product or service, with adwords you can actively target them and you only pay if they “bite” on your ad!

Some businesses have grown from 25 to 250 employee’s with Google Adwords but often when I’m at a networking event and tell someone what I do, the response that I’m met with is that “Adwords doesn’t work” or that “Adwords is Too Expensive”, my response is usually the same – “It probably doesn’t work because you’re doing it wrong”.

fishing-adwords-infographicRemember, Adwords and other PPC platforms like Bing, allow you to fish where the fish are, so if you think that Adwords is too expensive or that it doesn’t work, then your probably fishing in an empty lake. You’re probably using broad match keywords that drain your budget, you’re probably not tracking conversions to see what keywords are working best for you, you’re probably not using landing pages…. the list goes on.

If you want to run a successful Adwords campaign, then you need to learn how to run a campaign like the pro’s and with this Google Adwords Infographic – “10 Adwords Hacks To Get You More Leads” we show you some of the ways you can hack adwords, to get more bang from your marketing buck and grow your business to new heights! PS If you like this one, there’s 10 more Adwords Hacks here