Five Things To Consider When Hiring A Web Design Agency In Cork

Thinking of hiring a Web Design Agency in Cork?

When it comes to creating a great Web Design Cork has lots of great agencies that can help you grow your business. In order to be competitive online and attract new customers your business needs to have a professional looking website. If not, you’ll risk it becoming out-of-date and you can end up losing sales. Having a professionally built site by a web design agency in Cork means you can maximise your online presence and generate a better return on investment. Below are five things to consider.

Research the company

this picture describes researching for web design corkDo your homework. If you search ‘web design Cork’ there are plenty of agencies all competing with each other. Don’t pick the first one; take the time to research the company, their background and even the team who’ll be undertaking the work.

Each will have pros and cons so it’s important to select an agency that is able to understand your business, your customers and your long-term goals. Any experienced web design agency in Cork will have testimonials. They want to show off their work and shout about what they’ll be able to offer you, so have a good look at their past projects. Don’t be afraid to judge them on the appearance of their own website, if a web designer has a crap looking website, (you would be surprised how many of them do) then how can you expect them to create a great website for your business? Examples of web design agencies in Cork with nice looking websites include Ourselves, Doodle, and Cliq 

Custom design

How do you want your website to look? What messaging do you want to include? How will you convert your this picture describes custom web design in cork
customers when they arrive? These are some of the important questions to ask your web design agency. They will have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t and should be able to guide you in the right direction. Creating a plan and user journey will help the web design agency understand how your customers get from landing on the website through to making a conversion either by sale, phone call or filling out a contact form.



Budget and cost

Designing a new website isn’t cheap so you’ll need to know your budget. Once you’ve reached a figure it will give you web design cork budgeta good idea about the type of agency you can afford. Make sure that any proposals are within reason and that they adhere to strict timelines for the completion of work. SMBclix are able to maximise your budget with competitive pricing, meaning you’ll get a great looking, professionally created website that fits your budget. If you don’t have a budget to work with an agency, then this Vlog talks about some ways you can put together a website on a shoestring budget.


Core services

core services for web design cork Websites today need to be responsive as customers won’t just be searching on their desktop. Mobile and tablet are becoming more prominent nowadays too. If your website is responsive it’s going to help increase conversions and reduce bounce rates.

Your website has to be able to attract customers and then convert them when they arrive so having a user-friendly landing page is crucial. Here at SMBclix we have extensive conversion rate optimisation experience, and have the technical skills to create something that not only looks good across all devices but will attract more customers and drive more conversions.


Ongoing maintenance

maintenance for web design in CorkGenerally when a website is completed it’s never finished as there will be a need for ongoing maintenance. Having access to be able to make changes is important for keeping up-to-date with changes in technology.

SMBclix build great looking websites and our WordPress sites are created with you in mind. We’ll give you full control over them meaning you’ll be able to edit and make changes without having to worry about revision costs that most other web design agencies in Cork will charge.


So which web design agency in Cork should you hire?

If you’re thinking of building or re-designing your website to draw in more customers, increase conversions then hiring a web design agency in Cork will certainly have its advantages. Specifically, hiring this web design agency from Cork will be the best business decision you will make this year. So why not contact one of the team here at SMBclix!


5 Reasons To Hire An Irish Digital Marketing Agency

Ever wondered whether you should hire an Irish Digital Marketing Agency? Implementing and running a successful digital marketing campaign can be tough. As a business owner time is precious and ultimately you won’t be able to do everything yourself. The decision should be, are you going it alone or will you hire an Irish digital marketing agency? Below are five reasons why hiring an Irish agency is the right choice for your business.

Cost efficient

More often than not it costs far more to do everything in house, meaning you’ll quickly see your marketing budget disappear. Hiring a digital agency will give you a dedicated team of experienced professionals as opposed to the cost of hiring one or two people. Hiring an Irish Digital Marketing Agency can often end up costing less than UK or North American agency, if you take us as an example, we are based in a small town outside Cork, meaning our overheads are much lower than an agency based in a larger city like London, Boston or Toronto. Because of this we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing for the exact same service, meaning that a much larger portion of your advertising budget is going towards your campaign. For instance outsourcing your PPC Management can help you reduce costs and increase leads


The digital landscape is changing rapidly and unless you keep up to speed with the latest marketing trends you may get left behind. A digital marketing agency has the expertise and knowledge to make sure your campaigns are innovative and efficient. One person is never going to have the all round knowledge that a team of marketing specialists will have, so place your trust in the experts. Ireland has access to some of the most educated people in Europe, so hiring an Irish Digital Marketing Agency gives you access to some of the brightest minds in the world.


When you partner with a digital agency you’ll have access to a number of marketing tools. These tools can help increase the efficiency and performance of your campaigns. Some tools can be limited and won’t give you everything you need. With an agency however, you’ll have access to premium reporting tools as well as the latest analytical data.

With all the day-to-day tasks an in-house marketer has to perform they won’t have time to sit and read up on all the latest SEO, PPC or content marketing news. An agency will invest time in keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and industry advances. It’s their business to do so. Some of the tools we use to improve our clients campaigns at SMBclix include SEMrush, Wordstream and Swydo. These tools in combination with our strategic marketing approaches allow us to count ourselves among the top Irish Digital Marketing Agencie’s

Building your strategy

Whether you’re creating a brand from scratch, redesigning your website or looking to drive more traffic, an Irish digital marketing agency will have the dedication, skills and technical knowledge to help you achieve success. They thrive on delivering the best results and will find creative new ways to market your business and promote your brand.

Outside perspective

Getting too close to your business will see your marketing strategy go backwards rather than forwards. The importance of looking at the bigger picture is vital to successfully marketing your business online. A digital marketing agency can add significant value by giving you a fresh perspective. It might be as simple as changing your messaging or re-writing content, whatever the reason you’ll benefit from a new way of thinking.

Hiring an Irish digital marketing agency is a great way to reach new customers, drive sales and grow your business online. It will allow you to focus on other areas of your business safe in the knowledge there is a trusted team of experts behind you.

For more advice on your digital marketing strategy why not get in touch with one of the team at SMBclix.

5 Top Tips For?Mobile Friendly Website Design

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of decades, we now live in a world where mobile is king. According to Google, more than 50% of all search traffic and almost half of shopping traffic comes from mobile devices.

Google launched an algorithm last year that prioritises its results based on whether or not they have a mobile friendly website design. This means that if your website isn’t mobile ready, then it’s not pulling its weight and is something you need to address. Below are the top 5 principles for a mobile friendly site.



Say you’ve found a website that has a service you need and want to contact them directly, but you find yourself bogged down in unintuitive design and layout. What’s your next step – spend an inordinate amount of time looking, or search for a different agency? That’s right…. Many of those that connect to a website from a mobile device will be doing so to look for contact details. So, it’s best that you ease frustration and make them easy to find so that your website isn’t guilty of this faux pas.


Even though the trend of palm sized mobile phones is long gone, their screens still aren’t big enough to accommodate the same amount of information as a computer. Menus are an extremely important part of site navigation, so a menu that scrolls off the screen and is difficult to navigate is a let down. Make sure they include the important aspects in a layout that is friendly to the smaller screen.


On a computer, they’re annoying. At best, they subtract from the all important viewing of your website but at worst, they’ll lose you a customer straight away. If you’re looking for an online retail website, you don’t want to see websites relating to offers on photo printing or TV packages. Pop-ups are frustrating and can lose your business, so avoid them at all costs unless they are absolutely necessary.


As we become more and more spoilt with faster devices, we become less patient for those that don’t quite perform how we want. It’s important to bare in mind that not all users will be using Wi-Fi, and that many users will also have data allowances they don’t want to blow through looking at your website. Take these both into consideration, because whilst site design is important, a slow and data heavy website is a no no. With as many as 73% of people reporting they’re unhappy with current mobile browsing speeds, they’re unlikely to wait for your website to even load if it doesn’t happen quickly.


Mobile users aren’t interested in filling in fields of information just to make a quick purchase from their mobile, and you need to remember this when you are thinking about the type of mobile friendly website design you want. Keep the information that your website asks for down to the absolute minimum necessary in order to complete the purchase. If the form is to sign up for a newsletter, for example, don’t ask for more than a name, phone number and email address. Remember, people are generally quite reluctant to give out sensitive information such as addresses, unless it’s for a good reason. Don’t have people closing the window because you asked too many questions.


Do you want to have a mobile friendly website design for your customers to navigate around? Simply click here.