How To Build A Cheap Website On A Budget

If you are a business owner in the 21st century, your business needs a website, you simply can’t afford not to have one! But you might not be able to afford to hire a professional website designer for many reasons, you might have had a bad year, you might be running a start up on a shoe-string budget or maybe you just don’t believe in digital marketing and don’t want to “waste your money on modern marketing”, to help you create that world beating website, we have put together this short video that details 5 tips to build a cheap website for your business on a budget. In the video our principal consultant Mícheál Brennan, explains the 5 ways we’ve identified that you can build a professional looking, but cheap website for your business without spending thousands, using resources like free website builders, WordPress theme libraries, online training and more!

We can’t wait to see all the great websites you create using these tips!


Website Tips for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s competitive world, businesses are trying various marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd in a bid get more customers. Since a lot of the war goes on in the online world, where websites are the commonly used marketing tools, it pays to optimise your site using time-proven strategies that will give you results in the shortest time possible. Presented here are website tips for a successful digital marketing strategy you can implement to supercharge your website marketing efforts-:


Visually Appealing Landing Page

A visually appealing homepage

Visitors need only seven seconds to decide whether or not they will stay after landing on your home page. This is the kind of impatience displayed by the typical online user, and it is important to grab their attention within this short time frame.

The best way to capture their attention is to have a visually appealing homepage with well laid out information so that they don’t spend their precious time searching for important items on the home page. Other than captivating the visitors’ attention the very first time, this digital marketing strategy also decreases bounce rates, increases conversions and improves search engine rankings.



Responsive website

Another important digital marketing strategy worth considering by every website owner is that you have a mobile responsive website. The reason for this is because mobile traffic has increased over desktop traffic and will continue to do so. The number of people using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is more than the number of people using desktops and laptops to access the internet. By having a responsive website, therefore, you will be tapping into this enormous chunk of mobile traffic for the success of your business.



Unique and quality content

No digital marketing strategy will ever succeed without the inclusion of regular, fresh, unique and quality content. As it’s always been said, content remains to be the king. Users come to the internet to search for information, and if you can provide them with the right kind of information they need, you will become an authority figure whom they can run to each time they need relevant content. Other than meeting the user’s needs for quality information, unique content as a digital marketing strategy will also see you get better rankings in the search engines where you will have access to lots of free and targeted traffic.



Social media integration

Social media integration is another important aspect of a successful digital marketing strategy. Most consumers spend a considerable portion of their time on the social media platforms when online, and it is only prudent to reach them where they are already spending the bulk of their time online.

Besides, having an active social media presence will help you build a formidable following that will bring you fresh leads and sales at will. This is not to forget the SEO benefits that such a following will have for your business.

If you would like to learn more about how a great digital marketing strategy can help you grow your business, why not take advantage of our free digital marketing review?



Small Business Marketing Series: Four Inexpensive Places to Market your Small Business

Marketing is crucial for any small business that hopes to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, new business owners often face a lot of hurdles in raising funds for small business marketing, compared to the larger enterprises which have full marketing departments with considerable budgets.

But this should not be the end for small business as far as marketing is concerned. There are a few places that small businesses can use very effectively to get considerable exposure. Here are four inexpensive places ideal for small business marketing :


1- Social Media




Social media is one of the top inbound marketing options for small business marketing. At just a fraction of the cost, you can put your products and services before the eyes of millions of users on the various social media channels. The fact that there are plenty of social media platforms adds to your diversity and convenience in the sense that you can target your marketing based on different demographics that suits your marketing.



2- Blogging




Blogging has always provided a nice avenue to give fresh and quality content to customers and also to attract new customers to businesses. All you have to do with blogging for small business marketing is to focus your efforts on producing thought provoking, well researched and SEO optimized content on a regular basis.

When you do this consistently, your blog will start to build up a following besides getting ranked in the search engines where you will have an added advantage of getting highly targeted traffic to your business. Blogging should thus be considered as a very important part of your strategy for small business marketing.



3- Local Marketing


Local Marketing


There are several local online business directories like yelp or hotfrog, which allow companies to post their names, description of services or products offered as well as the contact details. Listing your business in such places will give you additional exposure to potential clients who use such directories to find products or service providers.

In addition to listing your business in local online directories, some of them will allow you to promote coupons and other special deals to the people in your region, hence, making this form of local business marketing very powerful. Additionally, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve all these.



4- Exhibiting Live


In Person At Trade Shows


exhibiting live


The use of trade shows is another you can use for your small business marketing. With trade shows, you get an opportunity to interact with potential customers where you have a chance to tell them more or even give live demonstrations of your products and services.

From such events, you can collect a list of potential clients whom you can follow up later. The only caveat with trade shows is that you will have to travel to the places where they are being held, and this might prove tricky at times.

These are just but a few of the places where small business marketing might bear some good fruits. But you shouldn’t forget about others such as participating in local events, networking, giving free samples out at your local supermarket amongst others.


4 Killer Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2016

It is undeniable that there is millions to be made from the real estate industry, IF you have the skills to market yourself properly. With the Real Estate Market in many cities like New York, Toronto, London and Dublin hotting up like never before, property owners can benefit hugely from having a top class Real Estate broker that can sell their property quicker and at a higher price. If you consider yourself to be a top class Real Estate broker, then you need to market yourself as such and to ensure that you too get a piece of the pie, you must refine your marketing strategy, and align it with the changes and current trends in the industry. Here are four killer real estate marketing ideas you can implement in 2016 for a complete turnover of your real estate marketing and to ensure that you get more listings and more sales making 2016 your most successful year yet!

Set time apart to work on the business and the marketing

However great your real estate marketing ideas might be, you will never see any worthwhile results if you can’t set some time apart to work on your business and refine your strategy. If you have a desire to grow your business, you have to dedicate time where you do nothing but focus on the business. For instance, set aside one day in a week to work on planning, improving and implementing new strategies geared towards making the business more efficient and profitable.

Identify and target one market at a time

Amongst your real estate marketing ideas, you need to identify and target one market at a time. This is very instrumental when you are thinking about expanding your business. All you have to do is to identify either one type of property or a market segment and give it all the attention it deserves to enable you to become profitable. What is your niche? Is it apartments? Is it Town homes? Is it Commercial Real Estate? If you don’t have a niche is there a gap in the market that can become your niche?

In this manner, you will come up with specific and highly targeted real estate marketing ideas necessary for great results. Avoid the temptation to think that the grass is always greener on the other side because you will keep on moving from one strategy to another before you make any profits.

Think about Domination

After identifying and targeting a specific market, your next real estate marketing ideas should revolve on how you can dominate that market entirely. This implies that you come up with powerful marketing strategies that will give you complete dominance over that market so that you get most if not all of the business available.

For you to realize this, however, it is imperative that you have a powerful intent to accomplish big things for your real estate business. Wishful thinking will take you nowhere when you intend to dominate the real estate market. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – Thinking of putting your face on a bus or on a bench? Forget about it! Why not shoot a quick intro video of the property you are listing and push it out on youtube, as an ad that serves to people within a 20 mile radius of your property.

Use your current clients to lead you to next clients

Without getting more customers, growing your real estate business will be a nightmare. One of the secrets real estate marketing ideas used by the pros all the time is to use their current clients to lead them to the next client.

For instance, when you encounter a client looking to buy or sell a home, they will often know a couple of people in the same situation. All you need is to use your skills to get this information from them in a clever manner, and you will have added one more lead to your list, which you can follow up and close if possible. Maybe a referral bonus or something along those lines will get you more referrals? Think about how you can use your current client base to get you more clients.

Consider using these real estate marketing ideas in 2016 to transform your real estate business and enjoy the fruits of success. If you want to learn the possible benefits a digital marketing campaign might have for your Real Estate Firm then talk to us by requesting a free review here