SEO Keyword Research – How To Build A Winning SEO Keyword Strategy

The key to a winning SEO keyword research strategy is in choosing the right keywords. It’s also in avoiding falling foul of Google’s continuous updates, but that’s a story for another blog! This blog details how we find the best keywords for our SEO campaigns and the tools we use to find them.

The first tool we use isn’t an obvious one, but it’s a tool that every single person has access to: it’s our brain. That’s right, the first thing we will do when we are trying to come up with great keywords is think “what would we google?” for instance if we were looking for an SEO company in Dublin, we would probably google “seo company Dublin” so this might be a good keyword when creating an SEO strategy for a Dublin based SEO company.

Now personally when I am learning I like to see examples, because it helps me understand everything better than
without an example, that’s why for this article we will use the example of a lawyer based in Boston that specializes in Personal Injury and Medical malpractice. If you know a personal injury lawyer in Boston, they might find this blog interesting so please feel free to share!

If I wanted to find a personal injury/medical malpractice lawyer in Boston I would probably Google a combination of the following keywords:

Personal Injury Lawyer Boston,startup-photos-large

Boston personal injury lawyer,

Personal Injury Attorney Boston,

Medical malpractice lawyer Boston,

Boston medical malpractice lawyer,

Medical malpractice attorney Boston.

Stage one complete! Using my brain alone I have come up with 6 possible keywords to target for my SEO strategy. I think that with your first SEO strategy you should try to target 6 keywords. You can begin to add more keywords after you have achieved a good ranking with these keywords, but as a general rule the more keywords you choose the harder it will be to rank for each keyword, because you simply won’t have enough time. Choosing a smaller number of focus keywords, will allow you to focus your efforts on those keywords.

I’ve come up with 6 keywords by just thinking about what I would Google, but how do I decide if those keywords are worth targeting? The answer is in the search volume for these keywords, basically if a keyword has a high search volume, then I will get more benefit from that keyword if you rank on page one, than I would if I rank for a keyword with low search volume.

There is a number of tools you can use to check the search volume, I use the Keyword Planner tool provided by Google Adwords.

Picture of google keyword plannerYou have a few different options with this tool but I usually choose “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”. I choose this option, because it will first of all give me the search volume of the keywords I have come up with and second of all it will suggest similar keywords. You will want to choose the location you are targeting (in this example I’ll choose Massachusetts) and you also have the option to choose broadly related keywords or only closely related keywords. I usually stick with the broadly related idea’s because it can throw up some diamonds in the rough and I find the “closely related ideas” section can have the odd glitch. I enter the keywords I have come up with myself and hit “get ideas”. When the results come in it will show adgroup ideas by default, I’ll switch this to keyword ideas, so I can see the search volume for the individual keywords I have come up with using my “brain tool”. Here are the search volumes for my keywords:

  • Boston Personal Injury Lawyer – 170
  • Personal Injury Lawyer Boston – 170
  • Personal Injury Attorney Boston – 30
  • Boston Medical Malpractice Lawyer – 40
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyer Boston – 10
  • Medical Malpractice Attorney Boston – 10

I will then look through the suggestions to see what other keywords could benefit my campaign. I think it’s best to sort them highest to lowest so you see the keywords with the highest search volume. Some great keywords that the tool suggested are as follows:

  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Ma – 110
  • Boston Car Accident Lawyer – 70
  • Boston Injury Lawyer – 70
  • Malpractice Lawyers in Ma – 70
  • Boston Personal Injury Lawyers – 30
  • Medical Malpractice Massachusetts – 30
  • Boston Personal Injury Attorney – 30
  • Car Accident Lawyer Boston – 30
  • Boston Personal Injury Attorneys -20

Using our tools we now have 15 possible keywords that have a monthly search volume of 890 potential visitors from Google.

The next step is to whittle these 15 keywords down to a maximum of 6 keywords. There is two factors to take into account when doing this:

  1. Search volume
  2. Difficulty

The reason to choose a keyword with a high search volume is pretty simple, if more people search for a keyword and you rank for that keyword, then it gets you in front of more potential clients each month. excel competiton on adwords

To find out a keywords difficulty you should check out this article from on keyword difficulty. If you don’t have any access to the paid tools that are mentioned, then you can at least use Google’s keyword planner tool to judge the traffic from a specific keyword. You can download the full keyword list the planner presented as an excel file and next to each keyword it will give a “competition” score between 0.00 and 1.00, basically if a keyword’s difficulty is 0.30 it has lower competition than a keyword with 0.97 and could be easier to rank for. This keyword competition is based on the number of people that are bidding on the keywords in their adwords campaign though, rather than how hard it will be to rank organically so the information may be a little skewed, that’s why I feel it is best to use the keyword difficulty tool from Moz Pro. Moz has a number of different tools that can help your SEO campaign, you can moz keyword difficulty toolsign up to a 30 day trial and take advantage of these great tools to help you build your keyword strategy. When I run my 15 prospective keywords through the moz tool it indicates that the difficulty for these keywords averages around 43%. No keyword is really high or low, so from a difficulty point of view, there is no advantage of using one keyword over an another. Given that fact I would now choose my keywords based on their monthly search volume alone. If some of the keywords had a higher difficulty rating, then I would favour the keywords with a lower difficulty rating and higher search volume, but in this case they are all around the same in terms of difficulty so it’s best to go with volume. With everything accounted for, I would probably choose the following 6 keywords as the basis for my keyword strategy.

  • Boston Personal Injury Lawyer – 170
  • Personal Injury Lawyer Boston – 170
  • Boston Injury Lawyer – 70
  • Boston Car Accident Lawyer – 70
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Ma – 110
  • Medical Malpractice Massachusetts – 30

If I rank for these 6 keywords, they could potentially bring 620 extra visitors to my clients website each month. The next step is to create content for and optimise my pages for my chosen keywords. If you like this blog on SEO Keyword research, stay tuned for our next SEO blog which will follow on from this one and detail the next step in your SEO strategy – optimising your website for your chosen keywords. Stay tuned for part 2!

To get a free review of your digital marketing click here.


Digital Marketing Cork Awards

SMBclix nominated in three categories at the Digital Marketing Cork Awards

We are delighted to announce that SMBclix has been nominated in three categories of the Cork Digital Marketing Awards. We have been nominated for best digital marketing campaign by a sole trader/start up, best website for company under 10 employees and best use of video.

A number of our clients also made the nominee’s list with CPC Accountants nominated in 4 categories, Gerard Kearney Entertainment nominated in 4 categories and Groupbooked nominated in the best website category. So I guess you could say we are in with 4 chances of winning!

digital marketing cork pictureThe awards will be held at the prestigious Fota Island Resort on October 29th and between ourselves and our clients it’s safe to say we are really confident about our prospects of taking home a trophy on the night. Our best chances lie in the best digital marketing by a sole trader/start up and best website competition. We only recently launched our new website after nearly 6 months of planning and we are really happy with the look and feel of it. The one that we really want though is the best digital marketing category. Obviously a digital marketing agency should be fairing well in this category and we feel that our digital marketing strategy for the last year has been second to none, with adwords search, adwords display remarketing, and youtube video remarketing as well as a facebook competition ensuring that we got a huge return on our marketing spend in the last 12 months. Best of luck to our fellow competitors!

SEO Keywords For A Tree Surgeon

SEO Keywords For A Tree Surgeon In Cork is our latest upload on slideshare and as the title suggests it will come in very useful for a tree surgeon in Cork. It details some of the best keywords that should be used in an SEO campaign and it would also come in handy when putting together a PPC campaign. It also details the main competitors in the region that currently dominate the first page of construction-work-carpenter-tools-large

The research has been compiled using google’s keyword planner tool, which I would definitely recommend when putting together a keyword strategy for your SEO campaign. You will need a google adwords account to use this tool but the insight that it gives is insane, you can learn how many people search for relevant keywords in your area and also get some suggestions for keywords you may not have though of.

We regularly post keyword ideas for an SEO campaign, but if you don’t see any suggestions for your business then get in touch with us directly, we would be happy to send you some “keyword intelligence” for your business

Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing

If you are new to digital marketing then this article is perfect for you as it provides a check-list of the things you will need to get started on the road to digital marketing success.


It’s 2015 – if you need something you google it! If you run a business and you haven’t started marketing online then you risk being left in the wake of competitors that do.

The pieces of a basic digital marketing strategy puzzle should include:

  • A mobile responsive website
  • A Google Adwords search campaign
  • A Google Adwords re-marketing campaign
  • An SEO strategy
  • A Social Media strategy

Mobile Responsive Website

hands-coffee-smartphone-technology-largeBuyers now research products and services before they talk to the businesses that supply them, with almost 70% of the research already done and competitors eliminated, your buyer is now more educated about your goods or service than ever before. According to recent research more than 50% of mobile users will shun a website that isn’t mobile responsive, in part because of the slower load time on a mobile device, but also because it’s harder for them to read text on a non-responsive website because they have to do a lot of zooming, so with more searches now taking place on mobile devices than on desktop computers, a mobile responsive website should be a key component of your digital marketing strategy.

A Google Adwords search campaign

A Google Adwords campaign can give your business instant visibility online and is one of the most effective ways to grow a small business. Get in front of the type of customers that are looking for your proddigital marketing agency restaurantuct or service by targeting the keywords they are likely to be searching for. For instance if you are a restaurant owner in Cork, then you would use keywords like “great restaurant Cork” or if you were a plumber in Boston you would target keywords like “plumber Boston”. These kind of keywords are likely to get you in front potential customers who need your product/service at the exact time they are searching for it. Our adwords for amateurs guide can help get you started on your PPC campaign. Google adwords is the most measurable form of advertising on the planet and the beauty of it is that you don’t have to pay unless someone clicks on your ad.

A Google Adwords Re-marketing campaign

city-sunny-people-street-largeYour google adwords search campaign now has you showing up in front of potential customers that are searching for your products or services, but what if your potential customer isn’t looking to buy right now and they are just doing their research and due diligence. A re-marketing campaign can help you stay in their line of vision long after they have left your website. This way if they are looking for a restaurant right now but it’s for a dinner date nearly 2 weeks away, with a re-targeting campaign they will see ad’s for your restaurant across the internet, reminding them how great your restaurant is and helping you grow your brand, so that when it comes to picking up the phone and making that booking, they are calling your phone and not your competitors. The beauty of this is that you don’t pay unless they click back to your website, so it gives you an insane amount of brand marketing at a very low cost. The beginners guide to re-marketing will give you a little more detail on how to get set up.

An SEO strategy

pexels-photo-largeJust as a PPC campaign will give you extra visibility, an SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign is your key to long term growth. When you have measured the results of your PPC campaign and learned your best keywords, you can start to target them with your SEO strategy so that you gain organic traffic. Your SEO strategy should start with your on page SEO, in other words that your site is set up in a way that google will notice it for your chosen keywords. Google ranks pages not websites meaning you are going to want to pick a focus keyword for each page and optimise accordingly. In simple terms if you were an architect in London and you wanted to rank for the keyword “London Architect” you would create a page for this keyword, with the URL, the page title would include the words “London Architect”, The content would include but wouldn’t be stuffed with “London Architect” as would the Title and Meta tags. On page factors from Moz goes into this in more detail and the SEO guide for beginners will help you put together an in depth SEO strategy. If you are trying to decide whether you need an SEO campaign or a PPC campaign, this SEO vs PPC guide is packed with great information to help you decide. Although if you have a large enough budget, your best strategy is to do both from the beginning.

A Social Media Strategy

PPC Agency BostonYou might think that while your social media strategy probably won’t get the phone to ring off the hook, the same way that a PPC or SEO campaign can, it is great for branding and presenting the personal side of your business. And even more so nowadays great social media management can really get customers through the door. Do you love what you do? Then use your social media pages to showcase this so that potential customers can identify with your business and the people behind it. Run a cupcake bakery in Boston? Then post photo’s of this mornings batch of freshly baked cupcakes, post a quick video of the line up of people looking to taste your cupcakes. Run a personal training studio? Become an influencer by posting actionable content. Influencer marketing has also become huge in recent times, meaning that all you need these days to build a recognizable brand is good content and even better instagram filters. Run competitions that get your social media followers to help you grow your brand by sharing your social media pages. This blog from Bulkly is really great and it will teach you how to create a social media marketing strategy.

And that just about covers the most essential pieces to any businesses digital marketing puzzle. Marketo recently released a really great Ebook titled Digital Marketing 101 you can click on the link to check that out. If all of this is too overwhelming then it might be a good idea to hire a freelancer, Upwork and similar sites like Upwork can be a great source for freelancers. Or if you would like a comprehensive digital marketing review for your business from SMBclix, the hardest working digital marketing agency you can get one here.


Search Engine Marketing For An Architect In Cork

Do you know an architect in Cork? If you do then you should probably send them over to our latest slideshare whichThis image is used on our recent blog, search engine marketing for an architect will give them some great ideas on search engine marketing for an architect in Cork. It covers all of the best keywords to use for both an SEO and PPC campaign, as well as the top competitors that currently dominate page one of Google in Cork. A PPC campaign can help them gain instant visibility on Google’s first page, while and SEO campaign can give them long term benefits by helping them to rank on page one. If you would like to learn more about how a google adwords campaign can benefit your business, then get in touch with us today for your free review

Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

When you make the (smart) decision to put your marketing money into digital marketing, ?nding the right agency to partner with to create and execute a digital marketing campaign can be tough. I’d like to give you an idea of things to look for when hiring a digital marketing agency, but ?rst here is the case for spending your budget on digital marketing.

In 2015, moving the majority of your marketing budget into digital is the wisest decision you will make, the business man creative process and planning business on wallbusinesses that have been investing their money online in the last 10 years have seen astronomical growth, businesses that stick with the older marketing means or no marketing at all are plodding along in the same place ?nancially that they were 10 years ago. If they are still in business then they are probably not in bad shape, but they also probably haven’t grown in the last 10 years either. These business owners probably don’t think that’s a bad thing, but if you leave the life your business to word of mouth alone, then you are always going to struggle to grow, as your business can only grow as big as your network of customers will allow it.

There’s a number of different reasons why you would hire a digital marketing agency and there is plethora of digital marketing agencies out there offering a multitude of services, but for me your decision should really come down to expertise – Can your prospective agency do exactly what you need them to do? For instance I feel that if you want to put together a PPC campaign in Cork, actually probably in Ireland, you shouldn’t be looking anywhere else other than at SMBclix. Why? “Google adwords addict” – that’s what I am. I absolutely adore adwords, I read and learn about it every day, I look at what the top agencies worldwide like disruptive advertising are doing and I try to emulate it, plus I use a host of different tools that will enhance your adwords campaign. So I can honestly say that if you want to spend money on adwords, then look no further you’ve found the right agency!

A question I often get asked because I’m “young and hip with the kids” is do I offer social media campaign management, the answer is no. So maybe consider this, if you are looking to create a digital marketing campaign with multiple pieces to the puzzle, new website, PPC, SEO, social then ask your prospective agency straight up:

Can you offer all of these services?

Have you offered these services to other businesses?

What were the results?

Now it may not bother you if your prospective agency doesn’t offer all of the services you want for campaign, if they don’t they can probably recommend another agency that does for instance I can highly recommend instamedia for social media management (they create great video content as well, last summer they went viral with this) or Synergy web strategies. Now you might be happy to meet me and know that I focus heavily on PPC so you are comfortable that I don’t “dilute” my knowledge and you might be happy for me to recommend other agencies we can partner with to create a great PPC + Social campaign, but you might not want to have too many cooks and if that was the case I would recommend you ?nd a full service agency (I’d probably recommend a couple too if you’re asking)

The other thing to ask is what is their level of expertise on the particular service you are interested in, for instance I have built websites for a lot of customers in the past year, but if you were looking for custom web development to create “the next big thing” and more than a brochure website then you won’t get it here, so again ask the question straight up, “this is what I want, can you deliver it?” In this case I’ll recommend someone like Doodle or Grange Web Design because I’m sure you will be very happy with the end result and I’ll be more than happy to drive traf?c to the new website they create with a belter of a PPC campaign!

On a personal level for me, a good indication of an agencies expertise is whether they show up on Google or not, if they don’t then they probably aren’t worth even looking at. In my opinion it’s a trust builder, like if you want an accountant you will probably go with someone that you’ve personally met or maybe an accountant that has been recommended by someone you trust personally. (If you are looking for an accountant in Cork by the way, I’d recommend you speak to Caroline at CPC or Gearoid at ODM) In my opinion for a digital marketing agency, showing up on Google is the only recommendation and trust builder you should need, because if an agency can do it for themselves, they can do it for you (I’d waive this rule if they concentrate solely on social media or video content though) for instance if you google “adwords agency cork” PPC agency Cork” “adwords specialist” or “adwords agency Ireland” you will ?nd SMBclix on Google’s ?rst page, this is not an accident but then you as a business owner can see that we’ve done it for ourselves, so we can just as easily do it for you. I’d love to rank for keywords in bigger markets like “PPC agency London” or “PPC agency Boston” so I can expand my market, I’ve started targeting those keywords too, we’re not on page one yet, I will let you know how we get on!

If you are building a new website for your business then you’ll be met with a mass of people that can “build you a website” but so many of them are “bedroom agencies” that will cease trading when they get a better job offer, so hiring the right web design agency could prove to be a critical choice. With web design agencies especially, a big buzz word is SEO and SEO friendly, this really grinds my gears, I’ve lost out on projects because of this kind of bulls***. The difference being that I’m quoting to carry out actual SEO work that will take many hours of my time over many months and I expected to get paid for that time. My competitors quote had SEO on there but “SEO” on the quote meant nothing more than preparing a nice website with nice clean code, no actual SEO work and I can report that approx 10 months later there is no sign of that companies website on the ?rst page of Google for any relevant keyword (In case you haven’t met me, I don’t like losing, so I’ve been checking), so if you hear “your new website will be SEO friendly” make no mistake, this is probably nothing but a bid to dazzle you with things you don’t understand so your next steps are.

Landing page optimization concept1. Google web design cork (or whatever their location is) and see how “SEO friendly” their own website is, if they are not there then move onto an agency that is.

2. Call bulls*** and ask them “Will my website show up on google’s ?rst page”, if the answer is anything other than an honest no, then move on, if they say “no, BUT we can get it there eventually by doing A, B and C” then sit back down at the table, they are honest and trustworthy.

At the time of writing I’m sitting on a plane from London to Cork and realize that I’ve probably gone off on a bit of a tangent but it’s late and I’m going to be too tired to edit and re-write this, so to summarize the above you need to decide what you want, then decide whether you want to do it with multiple agencies or one full service agency then hire based on their expertise and results. I’m only writing this for my own SEO to be completely honest, have you noticed how I’ve squeezed some of my targeted my keywords in there and added some links to other great websites? That’s part of my SEO strategy, an article a day keeps Google’s page 2 away!

PPC Marketing For A Plumber In Dublin

If you know a plumber in Dublin then you need to send him over to our most recent upload on slideshare – Dublin Plumber PPC Marketing Analysis – it contains great insight on the type of keywords that users are searching for, when they need a plumbing service in Dublin, as well as detailing the top competitors that currently dominate google’s first pages. Adwords screengrabThis slide deck can also come in handy for a plumbers SEO, so a plumber could look at the top keywords detailed on the slides and choose them as their focus keywords when writing content for their website. Whether that is a new website or they are just updating their current content. It should prove to be a great resource for both PPC and SEO as I’ve already done the keyword analysis which should save them a lot of time! If you want some insight into the type of keywords that would help your business grow then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Digital Marketing For Fitted Furniture Companies In Cork

If you own/manage a fitted furniture company in Cork and don’t have a website then you are missing out on a lot potential customers. Given the highAdwords screengrab sale value of fitted kitchens, the relatively low competition and low cost per click there really is a massive opportunity to create a digital marketing campaign that produces a great return on investment. Check out our competitive analysis of the landscape for fitted furniture companies in Cork it offers some great insight into who
your top competitors are and the types of keywords that would help create a great adwords campaign.

If you want to delve further into the details we would be happy to chat, just shoot us an Email or give us a call.

What is SEO?

It’s a big buzz word these days, and I get asked lots of questions about it like “How can I rank number one” or “How do I do an SEO audit?” Web designers will tell you that the sites they design are SEO friendly for Google, that can basically mean anything if I’m honest and is often a BS statement to dazzle you and seal the deal with you to build your website. If you are confused about what your web designer means when he says your new website will have SEO, then ask him straight out ” will this get me on page one of google?” If the answer is eeeeh, aaaaaah or weeelllllll then it’s buzz talk.

business training to make profitTo me SEO or search engine Optimisation in its long form is the ONGOING process undertaken to get search engines to notice your website. This article goes into further detail on what SEO is but I’ve tried to simplify it here in terms of the most important things to understand when you are exploring SEO and only want a simpli?ed understanding of what your SEO is doing.

First of all you have on page SEO and this to me comes in two parts:

1. Making your website crawl friendly so that googles spiders can easily crawl, understand and index the information on your website. This is done by creating HTML site maps, removing robot.txt ?les etc.

2. Creating great content for your keywords, if you were a baker in Cork who wants to sell more wedding cakes then a good keyword for you to target would be “wedding cakes cork”. You should create great content that uses this keyword in a normal way so don’t write “if you want wedding cakes Cork you’re in the right place” instead make it ?t properly and say something like “when searching for wedding cakes cork has plenty of extremely talented bakers, we are one of them….”. Write a headline that incorporates your keywords. Create a URL for the page that incorporates your keyword like Use your title and meta data, this article gives you some great insight on this subject

Secondly you have off page SEO and if I was to explain all of these factors you would be reading for days but the simplest way to think of this is links and social. Build links that are useful to your business for instance, write a blog post for a relevant website that links back to your website. Enter your website in the major directories like google my business and yahoo local. Social comes into the link building as well because it helps you share your content with more users who may in turn share it with their peers. This may increase your traf?c and get people “talking” about the relevant subject you’ve written about which can help increase your website traf?c and thus increase your ranking. In basic terms the more people “talking” about your website and your relevant content, the more likely googles algorithm is to sit up and take notice of your website. Creating great content on a regular basis is more likely to get people talking about your site.cartoon businessman with dart and target

If you want to get more serious about SEO then get off my website and go to learn from the masters at Moz and Search engine land, their blogs and communities offer a whole wealth of knowledge that will help you gain a really great understanding of SEO and what to do to rank your site.

If you have any questions I’m always here to help, tweet me @smbclix or email me

Building Your First Website – A Beginners Guide To Web Design

So you’ve decided to build a website for your business. This blog will give you some guidance on the things to do to start off right. One of the questions I’m frequently asked is how much a website will cost and to be honest the answer differs greatly. It all depends on your business needs and your budget. So the real answer is your website should cost as much as you are willing to spend.

The most important thing in my opinion is that you make each page on your website a “landing page” this way as your website visitor navigates through to the site they will have a better chance of converting into a lead. What is a landing page I hear you ask? The anatomy of a landing page goes some way to explaining this and gives you a guide for creating a landing page.

fotolia_63691432 editedThe second thing when building a website for your business, is to pick the keywords that you would like to show up on google for, write your website content for these keywords and create your pages for these keywords. The keyword planner from Google is a great way to learn how many people search for the keywords you like best each month and can also give you some suggestions on alternative keywords to use. Pick the keywords ?rst, write the content second. For instance if you were a plumber in London, a good keyword would be “plumber London” so write a page that contains this keyword and it will give you a better chance of ranking than a page that doesn’t have this keyword.

Choose a website that has a CMS, I favour wordpress as it is easy to use, offers a range of themes and comes with so many plugins that just make life so much easier. Using a CMS will help you save money in the long run as it will mean that you don’t have to go back to your web designer for every single change you want to make.

At the very least create the following pages:




Contact us

How to layout a homepage gives some insight into the type of information that you will want to put on your homepage to make the website look professional.

Ideally your services will be broken down further into multiple pages for the multiple services you offer, this will be better for SEO. For example our own website breaks our services down into PPC, SEO and web design, and further breaks them down again by location, meaning we have speci?c pages for each of these keywords/locations and thus have a better chance of ranking organically for these keywords. But if you don’t have time to break them up, then get all of your services on this page, explain what they are and why they will bene?t your website visitor.

Your about us page should tell your potential customer about yourself or company, what you do, why you love doing it and why your website visitor should get you to do it for them

Website coding development with responsive web design conceptThe contact us page is pretty self explanatory, ideally there will be a map pointing to your business address, your email, phone number and a quick contact form to send you their information.

In fact get a quick contact form on every single page on your website, this will increase conversions – guaranteed! The easier you make it for a website visitor to give you their information, the more likely they are to do it.

Ideally your website will have a blog as well so that you can add new content that is relevant to your visitors, but if you are struggling to write content and break your services up into separate pages there is no way you will be sitting down regularly to write a blog, so leave it out.

If you do use wordpress CMS get your web designer to install the visual composer plugin or another drag and drop page builder. This will allow you to create great looking pages in future without having a whole lot of technical knowledge.

And that’s your basic website covered. If you want any help, suggestions or a quote for us to build this website for you, then feel free to get in touch with me by tweeting @ smbclix or emailing Micheal [at ]