SMBclix is a results focused digital marketing agency specialising in PPC, SEO and Web Design. We help businesses find new customers through our tailored online marketing campaigns. We take great pride in our ability to help businesses grow. Our main value is our competitive nature, we take losing personally, we don’t just “take on clients”, we team up with them and do everything in our power to help them get to the top, because when our clients are winning so are we. We eat, drink and sleep digital marketing, our innovative approach has allowed our clients to grow their businesses and achieve incredible results. We despair when we hear of businesses wasting money on digital marketing campaigns that aren’t effective so get in touch with us today to hear the reasons why you should make us captain of your digital marketing team.

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Growing Importance of Diversity within a Tech Workplace

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Foreward: As an SEO I’ve got a real interest in SEO for Tech/SAAS companies and try to share as much value as I ...

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Content Strategy & Creation – SEO Training Module 4

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When you are trying to rank your website on page one, content creation plays a major part in a successful SEO ...

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Free SEO Training For Businesses Affected By The Coronavirus Crisis

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FREE SEO TRAINING Many businesses will suffer in the coming weeks due to the COVID-19 Crisis (many already have), but this ...

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What Our Clients Say

Caroline Crowley

We’ve implemented a PPC campaign that helps us get found on google when people search for accountants, we then re-target these same visitors with a re-marketing campaign that displays our ads to them and also plays our corporate video to them on youtube. The results have been great, we’ve even landed some international clients that would not have found us otherwise.

Caroline Crowley
Charles P Crowley Accountants

Carmel Best

My website was beginning to look old and stale, SMBclix created a new website that looks great. The site represents to potential clients that they will receive a professional legal service

Carmel Best
Best & Co Solicitors

John Lucey

Really easy to work with, helped me understand how I needed to present my business online without too much technical jargon. Created a website that speaks to the professionalism of our organisation and manage our search campaign so that potential customers are able to easily find us.

John Lucey

Anthony O’ Donovan

Our PPC campaign was plodding along before SMBclix took over it. Since they have started managing our campaign they have managed to increase our online leads by over 600% by optimizing the campaign, creating new landing pages and setting up a re-marketing campaign. They are worth every penny.

Anthony O’ Donovan

Andrew Kingston

I have recommended SMBclix to a number of businesses and will continue to do so. Their digital marketing knowledge is second to none and they live and breathe digital marketing. I can’t speak highly enough of their services.

Andrew Kingston


The premier Irish digital marketing agency. We can help you build your business by bringing you more inbound leads through Google Adwords, SEO and Content Marketing. Grow your business with SMBclix


We serve businesses in London and throughout the UK with world class digital marketing services. We can bring you new leads through PPC, SEO and content marketing at a fraction of the cost of a London based digital marketing agency


We offer Boston and other US based businesses a lower cost alternative than locally based digital marketing agencies. We can get you new leads through online marketing methods such as PPC, SEO and Content Marketing


We help Toronto based businesses grow, by providing them with world class digital marketing services that bring them more leads. Because we are based offshore, we have much lower overheads allowing us to bring you more leads.


Digital Marketing Explained

Web design matters, because the website is often the first thing that a client will see with regards to a business and for this reason it is particularly important, that your website puts forward the exact impression that you want. It is also imperative that a business, no matter how large or small, has a website that is visually pleasing, mobile responsive, but above all else, is well implemented and functional. If a website is poorly designed or doesn’t function well, clients are likely to click away from your website and go to your competitors.

Seo is important for business for many reasons. First of all, it is cost effective if you find the right company. When compared to different forms of marketing, SEO provides a measurable return on investment. Secondly, when a user searches for something online, they do so using a search engine that they trust, such as Google. If a website shows in the first page of its results, the user will likely click on it and be taken to the service that you are providing, where you will then be able to build their trust even further.

Social media is good for business because it continues to be a part of everyday life, so to its importance continues to rise. There are a wealth of advantages for businesses to be active on social media with very few drawbacks. Firstly, social media allows you to communicate with your clients in a realm that they are comfortable in, so that advertising feels less like advertising and more like a personal recommendation. Not only this but the information you can gain about your clients likes and habits is invaluable!

Google AdWords is effective because you only pay when someone is searching for your business or service. If you think that nobody ever clicks on the sponsored links that pop up from Google AdWords, you’d be wrong – they continue to be very successful. The right keyphrases and keywords are critical to any AdWords campaigns success and you will need experts in these areas in order to choose them. Don’t make the mistake of paying more if you are new to pay per click (PPC), due to a poorly optimised Google AdWords campaign. In order to get the biggest ROI possible it is best to work with a Google Partner Agency like us.

Conversion rate optimisation is the method of laying your website in a specific way, so that the user is constantly pointed towards your end goal (lead form, free trial, ecommerce purchase etc.) Its essence lies in the idea of taking the existing traffic that a website already has, and tweaking and improving the appearance of the website to make it better and more efficient at getting visitors to convert. A website with good CRO will gain more conversions that one that doesn’t.

Content marketing works because it uses a method to change the perceptions about a business or organisation. Rather than more traditional forms of marketing that aim simply to sell a product or service, content marketing aims to both attract new clients and retain old ones by putting forward and promoting content that is continually relevant. It is so effective because it is an ongoing process that moves to change and enhance consumer behaviour over time, ultimately creating a lasting relationship between the consumer and your business.

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